Can President Trump really revoke broadcast licenses?


President Trump is not thrilled with NBC News this week. NBC News reported early Wednesday that Trump pushed back in July for a major expansion of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. That request reportedly prompted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to later call Trump a “moron.” Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to deny the report, calling it “fake news” and ...

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7-yo With Rare Form of Cancer Receives 1,000 Halloween Cards From Around the World


Brock Hardwick may be struggling with a rare form of cancer, but over 1,000 people are helping to keep his spirits up. Back in February, the 7-year-old from Portland, Maine was diagnosed with glioblastoma – a high-grade cancer of the spine and brain. The youngster currently spends his days fighting the disease at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. So as a ...

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Wardrobe Snacks: Dress Like You Eat


The creative duo Terrence Caviar was created by the San Francisco based photographer Kelsey McClellan together with the stylist and art director Michelle Maguire. Inspired by diners lacking a seat at the table, they created the Wardrobe Snacks series, a photographic project that focuses on close-ups of hands holding various types of snacks: from more usual ones, like an ice cream ...

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Nelly's Rape Accuser Says She Will NOT Testify, Wants to Drop the Case (UPDATE)


Nelly Rape Accuser Says She Will NOT Testify 10/13/2017 2:33 PM PDT EXCLUSIVE 4:20 PM PT — Nelly’s attorney Scott Rosenblum tells us …the accuser’s “reckless accusation, once investigated thoroughly, was exposed for what it was-a fabrication. A fabrication that has caused Nelly and his family to suffer emotionally and financially.” He’s not satisfied though, and says he wants a ...

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This Lemonade “Stand” Is a Giant Drivable Lemon


After building his amazing submarine crib, video game artist Rob Adams decided to move on to his next challenge: a mobile lemonade stand. Adams says that: I wanted to come up with a cool vehicle-based way for my kid to interact with the community. I thought about other ideas like a tiny taco truck shaped like a taco, and an ...

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Microwave breakthrough helps boost hard drive sizes


Image copyright Reuters Image caption Web giants and large firms rely on cheap hard drives to store information in data centres The data-storing abilities of hard drives could soon swell to 40 terabytes (TB) and beyond, says Western Digital. Currently the largest hard disk drive (HDD) that stores data on spinning disks can hold about 14TB of information. Western Digital ...

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How Mastering the Art of Letting Go Will Change Your Life


The past is catching up and you can no longer outpace the pain since it’s been buried for so long. We all dwell on the past and can’t seem to let go of things and this causes impatience, hostility and more tension. Whether it was a tragic death, broken promises, situations at work or a heartache, ...

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Food on the Edge 2017: 6 Talking Points


Food on the Edge, the annual food symposium organised by chef JP McMahon, this year drew over 50 of the biggest names in the food world, including chefs, writers, activists and CEOs, and 400-plus attendees to Galway on the rugged West Coast of Ireland, for two days of fruitful food discussion. This was a solutions-oriented coming together. Indeed, one of ...

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US Puts Multi-Million Dollar Bounty on Hezbollah Leaders


The Trump Administration is playing hardball with two leaders of the Lebanon-based terror group Hezbollah. The State Department announced Tuesday that it will offer $12 million for the arrest or conviction of two Hezbollah members believed to have been planning a terrorist operation in the United States.   The reward is $7 million for Talal Hamiyah, director of Hezbollah’s international ...

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Build a Chair Workshops Bring Hope to Thomasville’s Maker Community


Thomasville Furniture began as Thomasville Chair Company in 1904, making 500 to 1000 chairs a day by 1905. With over 5000 employees at the peak, Thomasville Furniture earned an international reputation for producing quality furniture. However, that did not last. Thomasville Furniture fell apart when the manufacturing companies migrated to China. By 2010, every chair and furniture production company in Thomasville ceased all operations, dispelling the ...

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