HBO hackers leak Curb Your Enthusiasm and Insecure shows


Image copyright HBO Image caption Hackers have leaked unaired episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm scheduled for broadcast in October Hackers have continued to plague HBO by leaking unaired episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm over the weekend. The data dump also included episodes of Insecure, Ballers, Barry, The Deuce, a comedy special and other programming, according to the Associated Press. An ...

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This Week in Making: Sony’s New Dev Board, Continuous Belt Printers, and More


The Spritzer Sony showcased a brand new development board called the Spritzer at Maker Faire Tokyo last weekend. Designed for IoT applications, the Spritzer comprises a range of smart functionality (such as integrated GPS and an advanced digital audio codec and amplifier). The Spritzer looks to be versatile, featuring a processing chip with a unique combination of low power consumption ...

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6 Ways You Can Be a Supernatural Angel Today

angel-clouds-statue-sparkle-light_credit-Shutterstock.jpgas1 One angelologist shared that people’s angels are unemployed even though God gave them charge over us. It’s because we don’t know how to collude and work with them. Kevin Basconi regards angels as a supernatural connection with God and explained we can access them every day. Angels can come with creative and financial blessings. One ...

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Can US Shoot Down North Korean Missiles? Guam Under Threat


As the war of words between President Trump and North Korea’s dictator intensifies, Pentagon officials tell CBN News the U.S. military stands ready to “fight tonight”. But if North Korea takes aim at the island of Guam, could we defend a missile strike? Pyongyang doubled down on its threats to launch missiles at Guam on Thursday, announcing a potential plan ...

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Even With Her Heart Problems, 8-Year-old Becomes Youngest Female to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro


Roxy Getter just became the youngest female to ever reach the peak of Mount Kilimanjoro – and she hasn’t even peaked into her teen years yet. Because 8-year-old Roxy and her 10-year-old brother Ben have both had heart issues in the past, their parents talked to a cardiologist before the climb to make sure that they would be okay. As ...

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Russia’s recovering economy fears US sanctions chill


A week after President Donald Trump grudgingly approved fresh US sanctions against Russia, domestic companies and foreign investors are struggling to make sense of their exact consequences — but they already see enough to fear the longer-term chilling effect on an economy starting to recover after two years of recession. Even those sceptical of the sanctions’ true reach are concerned ...

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Weekend Watch: The Eclectic Projects of Andrew Setters


By day, Andrew Setters is an award-winning local reporter for WLWT in Cincinnati, OH. By night, he takes to his home shop to work on projects and to document them for his YouTube channel. Like many YouTube makers, Andrew does a lot of woodworking projects, things like pallet-wood and tchotchke shelves, wooden storage carts, and serving trays, but he’s not ...

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Trump condemns Charlottesville violence but doesn’t single out white nationalists for blame


Speaking from his resort in Bedminster, N.J., President Trump said, “The hate and division must stop. And must stop now.” (The Washington Post) BEDMINSTER, N.J. — President Trump on Saturday condemned “in the strongest possible terms” the spate of violence unfolding in Charlottesville and called for “a swift restoration of law and order” — but avoided placing blame on any ...

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7 Ways Your Body Language Is Hurting Your Career

sittinginofficecreditShutterstockcom.jpgas1 Body language is a type of non-verbal communication where physical behavior conveys an obscure message. These movements may involve the arms, hands, arms, feet, eyes and legs. They can be spontaneous or unintentional. The study originally came from Charles Darwin in 1872, as he was the first man to study the body language of humans ...

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Tsukihana: A New Interactive Dining Experience in Tokyo


Sagaya, a steak restaurant in Tokyo’s Ginza district, is home to Tsukihana, a new digital art space created in collaboration with teamLab, an interdisciplinary creative group who creates interactive installations using projection mapping and digital sensors.  Dining in a Digital Art Room One of the dining rooms of the restaurant has been transformed into a fairytale setting where it’s possible to ...

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