Groups factor cost of carbon into business plans


The number of international companies using an internal carbon price in their business planning rose sharply last year as boards and investors pushed managers to assess risks associated with climate change. There are 607 big companies using some kind of carbon price assumption to inform strategic decisions, up 17 per cent from 2016, according to public filings compiled by CDP, ...

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Culinary Zinema: Food specials in the San Sebastián Film Festival


Already in its 65th edition, the San Sebastian International Film Festival has been known for its special attention to food films – and it couldn’t be different in a city so devoted to the hedonistic pleasure of eating (from pintxos bars to many starred restaurants). From 23 to 29 September 2017, the Culinary Zinema event gathered directors, producers and chefs ...

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Trump says minorities ‘want’ and ‘need’ more police protection than other Americans


President Trump arrives to speak about tax reform in Harrisburg, Pa., on Oct. 11. (Reuters/Joshua Roberts) President Trump said Wednesday that minorities “want” and “need” more police protection than other Americans, and blamed Democrats for a “crazy” number of murders in Chicago and other large cities. In an interview with Sean Hannity, the Fox News Channel anchor who also is a friend and ...

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Making Sense of the Confusing Landscape of Embroidery Software


Last year I discovered that computerized embroidery machines are quite cheap and very fun to play with. I was delighted by my Brother SE400, but was also very frustrated with the software ecosystem for embroidery. In this article I’m going to attempt to help you figure out which software you need to try out. Before we jump into that, we should ...

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7 Steps Towards Bliss


For most people, happiness is becoming stranger than fiction. Americans are living in antagonistic times and a survey released by Harris Poll Survey of American Happiness found that less than half (34 percent) of Americans are happy. This was a progression from a 2016 poll which found the level of happiness sitting at 31 ...

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Kim Zolciak to NeNe Leakes: I'll Sue You for Calling Me Racist, and You Do Have Roaches!!!


Kim Zolciak to NeNe I’ll Sue You for Calling Me Racist And You Do Have Roaches!!! 10/11/2017 12:50 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Kim Zolciak is threatening to sue NeNe Leakes for millions of dollars unless she immediately apologizes for calling her and her daughter, Brielle, racists and KKK members. Kim hired Allison Hart at the high-powered law firm Lavely & Singer, and ...

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Two Words That Changed Almost Half a Million Lives


You know those projects that make you feel as if you’re spinning your wheels and you’re going to lose whatever hair you have left? Cheryl Rice was working on one of those projects at work. She was frustrated. She felt stalled. She was dejected. Then a colleague gave her a card that changed everything. CHECK OUT: Mom Names Baby Boy After ...

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The Science of Melting Sugar


Sweet flavours are inevitably associated with sugar. In scientific terms, sugar is one or more molecules made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These may be single molecules, as in the case of glucose or fructose, or combinations of molecules: sucrose, for instance, consists of a glucose molecule and a fructose molecule bonded together. I have a particular reason for ...

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Facebook and Twitter could face 'online abuse' tax


Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption Surveys suggest children find it hard to avoid bullying and abuse on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter could be asked to pay a tax to help fund educational campaigns about internet abuse. It is among ideas suggested by the UK government as it considers its safer internet strategy. It also proposed that social media ...

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Amazing Star Wars K-2SO Robot Make-Up Tutorial


MsMaoMaoz is a YouTuber and Instructables member who does dramatic and astonishing costume make-up tutorials. In this video (and accompanying Instructable), she shows you how she achieved a very convincing K-2SO, the former Imperial security droid reprogrammed to serve the resistance in Star Wars: Rogue One. The wonderful thing about methodical, well-done tutorials like this, with videos, step-by-step photos, and ...

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