7 Reasons Writing Heals Trauma


Shutterstock.com Talking your feelings out is not for everyone. But more people are interested in putting their thoughts down where they can navigate the troubling waters of the past or of the present without shame. Communicating your feelings through writing is not a taboo subject anymore. According to the American Psychological Association, Joshua Smyth, Ph.D., of ...

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Curry Traditions across South Africa


Is there one definitive dish that South Africans love and prepare? It’s common knowledge that South Africa comprises a variety of cultural, ethnic and religious groups, with as many languages to match. One popular belief – and it is true to a large extent – is that South Africans love to braai (barbecue). I set out over the span of ...

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NFL: Stop Shaming Ezekiel Elliott's Accuser!


NFL Stop Shaming Ezekiel Elliott’s Accuser! 8/16/2017 10:02 AM PDT Breaking News The NFL is calling out the NFL Player’s Association … saying the league has received tips that the NFLPA is going on a smear campaign against Ezekiel Elliott‘s accuser in an effort to exonerate the RB.  Multiple reports have surfaced in the past few days, painting the accuser ...

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6 Things We’re Most Excited About at Chicago Southland Mini Maker Faire


The fourth year of Chicago Southland Mini Maker Faire is on August 19th from 10am – 5pm at the Pipefitter’s Local 597 Training Facility. Not only is this Faire being hosted in a special place, there are quite a few things that we’re really excited to see! Veterans Garage Veterans Garage will have several trucks at the event this year ...

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Want Happy and Healthy Kids? Just Say “NO!”


When asked what they want for their kids, many parents respond, “I just want them to be happy and healthy.” Such a simple, harmless, laudable goal! And yet, such an orientation frequently results in parents giving their kids too much stuff, too many experiences, at too early an age. The upshot: These kids become more harpy than happy. Rather than feeling grateful for what they’ve been ...

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Amazon launches Instant Pickup service targeting students


Image copyright Amazon Image caption Amazon is offering certain “essential” items for pickup from self-service lockers within two minutes Amazon has launched a service in the US offering daily “essentials” for collection within two minutes of ordering. The items available in Instant Pickup include snacks, cold drinks, smartphone chargers and Amazon devices. The move poses a threat to bricks-and-mortar convenience ...

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4 Times My Angel Has Saved My Life


Shutterstock.com Some people believe that the little voice they hear from time to time is their conscience. You know that voice, right? When you’re making a serious decision, or perhaps you’re struggling to see another’s point of view, often times you’ll hear yourself speak internally or maybe you literally feel a nudge. What ...

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Diogo Dreams of Bread


I’m walking down a long street in sunny Lisbon, following my nose. It’s leading me to the Gleba bakery, where Diogo Amorim, a 21-year-old baker with a CV that takes in some of the world’s best kitchens is busy doing what bakers love to do. He’s on a mission resurrect traditonal Portuguese bread culture and currently, with the help of ...

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Fast Food Frenzy as Mums Confess Kids Mealtime Planning is More Stressful than finding Childcare Cover


Turkey twizzlers, chicken drumsticks and fish fingers. Bring back memories? These frozen dinner staples have long been used to get parents out of a squeeze at dinner time, but how many parents still resort to making these uninspired choices when it comes to mealtimes for their kids? New research* from Salter Cook found that a staggering 27% of mums find ...

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Christianity is Rapidly Growing in Iran


Islamic Clerics are warning against the spread of Christianity in the most Islamic City in Iran.  House churches are hunted down and conversion to Christianity is viewed as an action against national security in Qom, Iran.  Christianity has been growing at a fast rate in the last couple of decades in Iran, that has caused the Islamic government a lot ...

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