Slow Feed Movement: 7 Tools to Filter the RSS Flood


For the last couple of days we’ve been asking people: how do you cope with all the info that bombards you through your RSS feeds, Twitter and similar services? When you’re young and eager to soak in as much info as you can, you’re happy to be flooded with the stuff. But, it can’t go on forever. So, how do ...

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UN Suspends Relief to Syria After Convoy Attacked


BEIRUT (AP) — The U.N. humanitarian aid agency suspended all convoys in Syria on Tuesday following an overnight attack on aid trucks that the International Committee of the Red Cross said killed about 20 civilians, mostly truck drivers and Red Crescent workers. The attack plunged Syria’s U.S.-Russia-brokered cease-fire further into doubt. The Syrian military, just hours earlier, had declared the ...

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Illuminate a Dog Collar with LEDs


It doesn’t take much to add a bit of glow to your projects. In Make It Glow, Emily Coker and Kelli Townley walk you through a number of fun LED projects perfect for kids and beginners. Here’s an excerpt from the book that’s sure to make the sweet pup in your life happy! And for reference, this is one of ...

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Couple Finally Opens Mysterious Wedding Gift From 9 Years Previously


Even though they had had their fair share of fights and scuffles, a little wrapped box signed “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 1ST DISAGREEMENT” remained unopened in the Gunn family’s closet. The box had been a wedding gift to Kathy and Brandon Gunn from their Great Aunt Allison. Aunt Allison and her husband had been married almost 50 years, so the Gunns ...

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Parents: Don’t Become Emotional Wastebaskets for Your Children


We, as parents, need to make sure that the tornadoes that our are kids don’t walk all over us. A while back, The New York Times Motherlode published a post called “Parents of Teenagers, Stuck Taking Out the Emotional Trash.” Author and psychologist Lisa Damour talked about the importance of parents shouldering the weight of uncomfortable teenage emotions. She gave ...

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Brussels launches competition probe into Engie


September 19, 2016 by: Alex Barker in Brussels and Rochelle Toplensky in London Brussels has opened an investigation into Luxembourg’s tax arrangements with Engie, the French utility, as it expands its state-aid clampdown on “sweetheart” tax deals. The European Commission probe comes shortly after it hit Apple with a €13bn bill for back taxes in Ireland, a record-breaking penalty that ...

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Sam Pynn Saves a Dated Kitchen from Too Much Wood


Overwhelmed by wood? This homeowner definitely is. Luckily Home To Win star Sam Pynn is here to help with her trademark sage advice… Denise’s kitchen From Denise: Dear Samantha, We bought our house from my in-laws and I HATE my kitchen. We are painting our cabinet doors an off-white color — the same color that’s in my backsplash and my ...

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Real love is opening your heart


Bryant McGill is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author, and speaker in the fields of human potential, personal empowerment, and social entrepreneurship. His prolific writings and small aphorisms have been published in hundreds of books and thousands of works by other authors and thought leaders. Bryant’s writings and aphorisms have been published by Oprah’s Lifeclass, The Chopra ...

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Salvador De Bahia, a City Tasting Tour


With just a week to go before the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list for 2016 is revealed – the ceremony will take place on 26 September at 8:45 PM CDT and will be livestreamed by Fine Dining Lovers on this page – let’s explore Brazilian cuisine in Salvador de Bahia. After taking you to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, ...

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Top 10 News Readers Judged by Mashable Readers


By Barb Dybwad2009-11-20 16:47:41 UTC Each Friday we choose a Lunchtime Poll topic to get a sense of how Mashable readers feel about the chosen topic of the week. Below are the results from last Friday’s poll, where we asked for your favorite news reader. Is your favorite app or service not represented in the list? Let us know in ...

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