Among 41 nations, U.S. is the outlier when it comes to paid parental leave


In almost half of two-parent households, both parents now work full-time, and in 40% of all families with children, the mother is the sole or primary breadwinner. At the same time, fathers – virtually all of whom are in the labor force – are taking on more child care responsibilities, as fatherhood has grown to encompass far more than just ...

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Donald Trump keeps asking foreign leaders for money. The latest: Vicente Fox.


Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, has called Donald Trump a “false prophet.” (Andrew Winning/Reuters) Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, received a plaintive fundraising request this weekend. “You are our country’s only hope,” read the email, which urged him to make “a generous contribution.” The sender? Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. It was the second missive that Fox received to ...

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My Bad Back and I Tried Out a Bed-in-a-Box and Here’s What Happened


Image courtesy of Casper  What’s a bed-in-a-box? In the last few years there’s been a mini-revolution in the business of retailing mattresses. Companies such as Casper (one of the first) and its contemporary Leesa, followed by (strikingly) similar brands such as Endy (Canadian) and Yogabed, have made it their fight to do away with the ‘nuisance’ of shopping for a ...

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Boy Caught Sneaking into Garage to Hug Neighbor’s Dog Given Pup of His Own


Security cameras have never filmed anything as darling as this little boy who just wanted a furry pal. Hollie Mallet of Pierre Part, Louisiana was checking her CCTV footage back in May when she discovered a young intruder – but not one with any ill intentions. The video showed a young boy leaping off his bicycle in front of her house and running ...

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Brad Pitt — Prosecution 'Highly Unlikely' in Jet Incident


9/24/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF EXCLUSIVE It’s almost certain Brad Pitt will not be prosecuted for any alleged assault against his son … so say multiple law enforcement sources involved in the case. Our sources say, with the conflicting accounts of what happened between Brad and 15-year-old Maddox 30,000 feet above the ground, there’s no way to conclusively ...

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The Eclipses of Maker Faire


Total lunar eclipse from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington, on Oct. 27, 2004. (Credit: U.S. Navy/Scott Taylor) Tonight the Moon will enter Earth’s shadow, creating a total lunar eclipse that will be visible as attendees and Makers stream away from the sixth annual World Maker Faire here in New York. Beginning at 8:11 p.m., reaching maximum extent just over two hours ...

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Happiness is the consequence of personal effort


FEATURE ARTICLE Easy Ways To Practice Gratitude Throughout The Day by Sylvia Huang The benefits of practicing gratitude are innumerable. It helps release toxic emotions such as frustration, envy, regret and resentment while increasing sensitivity and empathy towards others. Being grateful also improves self-esteem and personal relationships by reducing social comparisons and supporting prosocial behavior. While it’s common knowledge that ...

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Claude Troisgros, a Chef Always Moving Forward


Heir to one of the oldest and most influential gastronomic lineages in the world, chef Claude Troisgros is a French native who now calls Brazil his home. Away from the structure of French cuisine, he forged his own style of cuisine in Rio de Janeiro. His Franco-Brazilian cooking is full of freedom and unexpected flavors. Its hallmark was the technique of ...

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Pippa Middleton iCloud hack claims investigated by police


Image copyright PA Image caption James Matthews and Pippa Middleton are due to marry next year Police are investigating claims an iCloud account reportedly belonging to the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister Pippa Middleton has been hacked and private photographs stolen. The Sun reported that it was offered the images, which it said included shots of the duchess’s children, Prince George ...

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Deceptive Desserts: Christine H. McConnell’s World of Creepy, Fantastical Food


Deceptive Desserts is available to now! Perhaps you’ve seen some of Christine McConnell’s work online. She’s become well-known for her monstrous desserts, which have gone viral a number of times. Her cakes often look like they could bite and feature appendages like tentacles and insectoid legs. The photos she stages to display these treats are two parts horror, one part ...

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