Weekend Watch: Steampunk Prop Building with “It’s a Trap!”


Love Halloween? Love making? Check out our special Halloween issue for more projects to scare and delight! Available now online or in print at fine retailers everywhere If you’d like to make a steampunk-themed costume for Halloween this year, the “It’s A Trap!” (IAT) channel is a great resource for ideas and techniques. Their “Prop-building guides” playlist contains helmets, masks, and ...

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Key to a successful life


FEATURE ARTICLE My Relentless Pursuit of Gratitude by Elisabeth Corey, MSW. A Taste of the Truth I often think about gratitude in my recovery work. I have read many books and articles that discuss the importance of gratitude in healing. And I get it intellectually. It makes so much sense. How can you build on a shaky foundation? The current ...

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By: forsanity


A shakha of the RSS (Photo: Gamesh Dhamodkar) The RSS ideologue Ram Madhav has sparked off a contentious debate by discounting any involvement of the RSS in the working of the government. This argument does not seem to hold water. The government does not hold formal discussions with any organisation, with the PM and the entire Council of Ministers present ...

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After Priest's Murder by Radical Islamists: 'In the Soul, There Is Strength'


Weeks after Father Jacques Hamel was brutally murdered by Islamic radicals, the number of people attending church services in the area of his murder have increased. “There is fear without a doubt,” said Dominique Lebrun, the archbishop of Rouen, who has received numerous calls from people who wanted to know if it was still safe to attend mass. “A week ...

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Sam Pynn on When to Stop Painting a Slanted Ceiling


Flashback to when Sam Pynn settled a cohabitation dispute involving a slanted popcorn ceiling, that went a little something like this… From Marilyn: This is a bedroom that is going to be painted soon and there is a disagreement about the slanted portion as to whether it should be painted as part of the wall or as part of the ...

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Soul Groups, Soul Mates and Twin Flames


Shutterstock.com We’ve often heard the term “soul mate” bandied around, especially around Valentine’s Day. But what does it really mean and do we each have a twin soul that is our better half? To understand these concepts, let’s discuss the soul. Our soul is timeless and separate from our physical self. Before we incarnate, our soul ...

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Meir Adoni: 'We Should All be Entitled to Make Mistakes'


Though born and based in Israel, Meir Adoni has the unmistakable influence of his mother’s Moroccan heritage in his cooking. But while tradition plays a big part in his approach, innovation has been the key to his success. As a young chef, Adoni worked in some of the world’s most inventive kitchens, including Noma, Arzak and Alinea. Today, his Catit, ...

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Ocean Five Vanuatu Sports Fishing Tale!


Vanuatu over the years has been well known for it’s world class Blue Marlin and drag scorching Dogtooth Tuna. The fish species don’t just stop at those with anglers being fortunate to fish Vanuatu for a variety of bluewater and sports fish species available all year round. This August we had the pleasure in welcoming five mates, Steve Rezo, Ante Pavkovic, ...

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NY AG widens ExxonMobil probe


©Reuters New York state’s attorney-general is investigating ExxonMobil over its reporting of its asset valuations, widening the probe launched last year into the company’s disclosures on climate change. Eric Schneiderman is looking into why Exxon has not followed its peers in the oil and gas industry in taking large non-cash charges for writedowns in the value of its assets, according ...

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Ideas on How To Change Your Outdoor Living Style


It is rightly said “Home Sweet Home”, where you come back for relaxation, family time, protection and comfort. Your dream house can look even more beautiful when you decorate your patio and backyards with the coolest ideas available and you will never need to find a place to party again. Outdoor furniture can be pricey but is definitely worth if ...

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