Gene Simmons Sued For Sexual Assault (UPDATE)


Gene Simmons Sued for Sexual Assault … Woman Claims He Grabbed Her Ass 12/15/2017 5:49 PM PST EXCLUSIVE 12/16 7:30 PM PT — Simmons has responded to the allegations, saying he intends to defend himself. He adds … “For the record, I did not assault the person making these accusations in the manner alleged in the complaint or harm her ...

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How to Day Dream Your Wishes into Reality

GirlDayDreamingcreditShutterstockcom.jpgas1 Have you ever driven to work and arrived without a conscious memory of your commute? Do you tend to let your mind wander while sitting in a meeting? If so, don’t chide yourself for being a day dreamer. New science is proving how day dreaming keeps your mind sharp and actually helps you turn your ...

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Sky and BT sign channel sharing deal


Image copyright PA Image caption The rising cost of sports rights is behind the agreement, analysts say Sky and BT have have signed a deal to sell their channels on each other’s platforms. Under the deal, BT will now supply its sports channels – which show UEFA Champions League and Premier League football – to Sky. In addition, BT will ...

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Turn All Your Skills Into Superpowers and Discard ‘Impossibility’ From Your Vocabulary


Coming Soon to GNN –GOOD TALKS: A daily selection of inspiring podcasts and videos to motivate you in your life, health, and business. Look for its premiere in December. (Meanwhile, here’s one of our debut Good Talks…) Title: Super Learning and Pushing the Limits The Lesson: This guy knows a thing or two about achieving the impossible – and he ...

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Tim Hayward on Objects that Shape the Way We Cook


Did you know that you can tell where someone lives in the world by their potato peeler, why you should hide your garlic crusher if you value your culinary reputation and the unsolved mystery behind the bread board? Food writer, broadcaster and all round self confessed kitchen obsessive Tim Hayward sets about answering these anomalies and more in his fascinating new book, Modern ...

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Vatican Issues New Rules for Relics in Saint-making Process


VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican’s saint-making office has updated its rules governing the use of relics for would-be saints, issuing detailed new guidelines Saturday that govern how body parts and cremated remains are to be obtained, transferred and protected for eventual veneration. The instructions explicitly rule out selling the hair strands, hands, teeth and other body parts of saints ...

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Indonesia and Freeport close in on copper mine deal


Neil Hume, Commodities and Mining Editor December 15, 2017 Experimental feature Listen to this article Play audio for this article Pause Experimental feature or Give us your feedback Thank you for your feedback. What do you think? I‘ll use it in the future I don‘t think I‘ll use it Please tell us why (optional) Send Feedback Indonesia and the US ...

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6 Leadership Lessons From Past Presidents


Public Domain Past leaders can teach us a great deal about how we can become leaders today. Biographies, memoirs and documentaries abound which underscore the achievements and abilities of the numerous outstanding leaders who came before us. The history of the United States in particular is filled with past presidents who are excellent ...

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12 Food Industry Trends for 2018


Food Trends for 2018 are rolling in left, right and centre with a number of analysts making predictions for what we will all be eating over the coming months. We’ve already highlighted food trends from Whole Foods and their massive stack of customer data, but below we wanted to bring you our own predictions for food trends in 2018. We’ve ...

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Pence’s Middle East trip will now focus heavily on smoothing things over with Egypt


During his trip to the Middle East, much of Vice President Pence’s messaging will be focused on the United States’ relationship with Egypt and their partnership to fight terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere. (Salwan Georges/The Washington Post) When Vice President Pence travels to the Middle East next week, there is one message that the Trump administration wants to ...

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