Everyone fails, but only the wise find humility


Costica Bradatan is associate professor of humanities at Texas Tech University and honorary research associate professor of philosophy at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is the author, most recently, of Dying for Ideas: The Dangerous Lives of the Philosophers (2015), and is currently working on a new book, In Praise of Failure, for Harvard University Press. Failure is like the original sin in the ...

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Burning Your Bridges – No Retreat No Surrender

Business people talking

Burning Your Bridges – introduction Is there a lack of progress in your life because as soon as you start one thing you drop it and start something else? Can having too many options become a drawback rather than a positive thing? I recently went to see the movie “300.” The movie, which is partly based on historical events and ...

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Risk Taking – Take a Risk

Leap of faith (by Tracie).

Risk Taking – introduction Are you playing it too safe and getting nowhere fast? Are you stuck in the comfort zone and just hoping to have a mistake-free, loss-free and stress-free life? It may sound like the good life, but it is actually the “no-life” way to go. Taking risks is something that is generally not encouraged, not just in ...

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Time: The Most Precious Resource


The passage of time is concept that I’ve spent a great deal of effort trying to wrap my mind around. It is especially problematic because while time itself is a constant, it’s perception in our minds is continuously in flux. It’s worthwhile, if you’re able to, to try and slow time down as much as possible and try to get ...

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5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp


The importance of keeping your mind sharp cannot be overstated. We’re all part of a fantastic intellectual and information economy, which thrives on ideas, creativity and intelligence. Keeping your mind sharp is sure to give you the edge over the competition, and more importantly lead to your own higher levels of happiness. When your mind is in top shape, you ...

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