Homeless Man Protects Motorcyclist’s Forgotten Keys and Refuses Reward


Even though a homeless man had the opportunity to take advantage of a forgetful motorcyclist, he knew he wanted to do the right thing. 43-year-old Francisco Hernández had been sleeping in a public shelter for the last six months since becoming homeless. During the day, he earns money by guiding drivers to available parking spaces on the streets of Colombia in exchange for tips. It ...

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8 Self-Affirmation Quotes from Hollywood


MGM They Speak to Us From Matt Damon to Reese Witherspoon, they’ve all had a line or two in a film that resonated on another level. As viewers we didn’t care that they were playing make believe or re-enacting a part of history, instead we focused on the lines that they said. And ...

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One-Legged Man Hops Into Funny Annual Halloween Costumes–LOOK


As a motivational speaker and author, he has spent his life helping people look on the bright side of life–and for years his Halloween pranks have helped them look at the funny side of having only one leg. Josh Sunquist, who lost a leg at age nine, has dreamed up some seriously humorous costumes. Last year, using a sign and a ...

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How the Church Can Be a Catalyst for Miraculous Change


Shutterstock.com We live in a world where evil dominates the headlines and political chaos appears to reign. Many wonder if good can ever triumph over evil. Though our vision for the future may be bleak, God’s isn’t. In fact, His vision is full of hope. In this moment, He is preparing us for something greater. God ...

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Internet Strangers Use Piano Fragments to Piece Together Song for Dad With Dementia


Thanks to the internet community of Reddit, JD Chance will be honoring her father in a simple, but profound way that has the power to break through the fog of his dementia. JD posted a plea for help on that website when she received a video of her 69-year-old father struggling to remember the notes of a song he had once known by heart. “Every now and then growing up, Dad would sit ...

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Dreaming Big


Shutterstock.com John Bon Jovi wrote a song that epitomizes the art of life and having the guts to act on your dreams. The tune is It’s My Life: “This ain’t a song for the broken-heated, no silent prayer for the faith-departed, I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd, you’re gonna hear my voice, ...

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Tipsy Diners Who Wouldn’t Drive Are Surprised By Manager


Paula Grzelak-Shultz and her husband were having a few drinks at Original Joe’s restaurant when they had that realization – they weren’t fit to drive their car home. The couple figured it wasn’t a big deal, so they got an Uber home and left their automobile in the parking lot. The next day when they went to pick it up, ...

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Get to Know Yourself Through the Oldest Personality Test


Shutterstock.com There’s one person that all of us want to get to know better—ourselves. Growing to truly know yourself is simultaneously one of the most difficult tasks you can undertake, and one of the most rewarding. When we know ourselves, when we know our proclivities, our weaknesses, and our strengths, we can make ...

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Toothless Child in Poverty Gets Beautiful New Smile


In Brazil, kids have their own special day when everyone celebrates childhood—on Children’s Day, October 12. The little ones get presents, and opportunities to play on the inflatables and trampolines set up in public parks. They are given candy and can watch kid-friendly movies broadcasted by TV stations throughout the week. But for one boy, Ryan, this year’s children’s day ...

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How Hitting Rock Bottom Can be a Blessing


Shutterstock.com Hitting rock bottom has taught me a lot. Life situations like having to scratch together money for a coffee or to buy gas to get to work was less than memorable. The sadness over the loss of a loved one, a pet, and the disappointments over broken relationships can rock any world. We are durable ...

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