How a Smile Can Change the World


shutterstock.com A simple smile has more influential power than you may think. Too often, we focus on teaching our children about the negatives of the world and how it comes from our differences. This focus on what separates us can foster fear and hatred towards those who are different. However, the people of the world are ...

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Church Spreads The Love by Offering Free Gas to Local Community


Thanks to a church’s inspiration, long lines of their community residents started queuing outside of a BP gas station last Saturday in order to receive free gas for their cars. The First Baptist Church of District Heights, Maryland hosted a gas donation event where locals could fill up their tanks free of charge for up to $20. Free petrol was available from 8am to 11am and ...

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Recognize how good things really are


FEATURE ARTICLE 3 Simple Tips for Happier, More Energetic Days by Kristi Ling I’ve been thinking a lot lately about simplicity. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like all the crazy stuff happens in waves? I’m surfing one of those waves right now (selling my little city farm house, moving back to my home town, downsizing, getting ready for the release of ...

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The Eight Pillars of Joy


YouTube.com In 2015, Archbishop Desmond Tutu traveled to the Dali Lama’s home in Dharamsala, India, to celebrate the latter’s 80th birthday, and to engage in one of the most important of conversations: how can we find joy, despite the suffering that is intrinsically bound to life? This conversation was bound up into Douglas ...

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Couple Finally Opens Mysterious Wedding Gift From 9 Years Previously


Even though they had had their fair share of fights and scuffles, a little wrapped box signed “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 1ST DISAGREEMENT” remained unopened in the Gunn family’s closet. The box had been a wedding gift to Kathy and Brandon Gunn from their Great Aunt Allison. Aunt Allison and her husband had been married almost 50 years, so the Gunns ...

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Real love is opening your heart


Bryant McGill is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author, and speaker in the fields of human potential, personal empowerment, and social entrepreneurship. His prolific writings and small aphorisms have been published in hundreds of books and thousands of works by other authors and thought leaders. Bryant’s writings and aphorisms have been published by Oprah’s Lifeclass, The Chopra ...

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How to Design a Happier Office Culture


Shutterstock.com Companies in Silicon Valley offered employees a different twist on office life. The most influential businesses in the world like Google, Apple, Cisco Systems, and Facebook created an office culture that many wanted to follow. These high-tech players have extended their outreach to encourage other companies to create a more inviting play to work. Not ...

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Dying Man’s Last Wish Fulfilled 45 Minutes Before He Passes Away


73-year-old Paddy Lawler has always been a lifelong Manchester United fan – and after a four year battle with prostate cancer, he only held on long enough to meet some of his heroes. Before he passed away, the senior’s granddaughter Kayleigh asked the dying man what his final wish would be. Paddy responded that he has always wanted to meet ...

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Key to a successful life


FEATURE ARTICLE My Relentless Pursuit of Gratitude by Elisabeth Corey, MSW. A Taste of the Truth I often think about gratitude in my recovery work. I have read many books and articles that discuss the importance of gratitude in healing. And I get it intellectually. It makes so much sense. How can you build on a shaky foundation? The current ...

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Soul Groups, Soul Mates and Twin Flames


Shutterstock.com We’ve often heard the term “soul mate” bandied around, especially around Valentine’s Day. But what does it really mean and do we each have a twin soul that is our better half? To understand these concepts, let’s discuss the soul. Our soul is timeless and separate from our physical self. Before we incarnate, our soul ...

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