Son Fulfills Oath to Father by Listening to Cubs Game Graveside


Cubs fans all over America have been celebrating the historic World Series win by posting on social media and partying in bars – but Wayne Williams celebrated by sitting in a graveyard. That’s because he was upholding a decades-old promise to his father, Wayne Williams Senior. Wayne Jr. drove over 650 miles from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina to Greenwood Forest Lawn Cemetery in Greenwood, Indiana ...

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Psalms to Read When Life Gets Miserable


Shutterstock.com Many of us have cried out, “God, help me!” during a particular time need. Throughout the Bible, God often led His people to cry out. If you look at the Psalms, you will often see the psalmist crying out to God. A lot of the things we are experiencing now are the same things that ...

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Airline Passengers Provide Heartwarming Halloween Fun for Daughter


OMG, my heart is exploding right now. Dad of the year just passed out candy to everyone on the flight so his 3 year old could trick or treat pic.twitter.com/vfsAcYNrhr — Stephanie Kahan (@stephaniekahan) November 1, 2016   This story is sweeter than all of the Halloween candy in the world combined. A father and his 3-year-old daughter Molly were flying ...

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How to Grow From Change


Shutterstock.com Change is inevitable whether it is imposed on us, or we make the change ourselves. No matter what change makes us feel uncomfortable and could even promote a sense of panic in people. This is normal for everyone. We are creatures of habit and feeling a sense of security is normal. There is a preference ...

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Immigrant Designer Goes From Sleeping on Park Benches to World Fame


The story of Roberto Vascon – the fashion mogul who designs purses for the most glorified women in the world – sounds a lot like a movie script. He was born in extreme poverty, became rich, sold everything, fell back into poverty, then became wealthy once more. Originally born to a very poor family in Raposos, a small city in ...

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Mirror, Mirror


Mirror, mirror on the wall; who’s the fairest of them all? You’re staring at your phone, aimlessly scrolling through Facebook or Twitter or Instagram to kill some time, and you come across a status that gives you pause. It’s a photo of your friend, standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, just a single stop along ...

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Homeless Man Protects Motorcyclist’s Forgotten Keys and Refuses Reward


Even though a homeless man had the opportunity to take advantage of a forgetful motorcyclist, he knew he wanted to do the right thing. 43-year-old Francisco Hernández had been sleeping in a public shelter for the last six months since becoming homeless. During the day, he earns money by guiding drivers to available parking spaces on the streets of Colombia in exchange for tips. It ...

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8 Self-Affirmation Quotes from Hollywood


MGM They Speak to Us From Matt Damon to Reese Witherspoon, they’ve all had a line or two in a film that resonated on another level. As viewers we didn’t care that they were playing make believe or re-enacting a part of history, instead we focused on the lines that they said. And ...

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One-Legged Man Hops Into Funny Annual Halloween Costumes–LOOK


As a motivational speaker and author, he has spent his life helping people look on the bright side of life–and for years his Halloween pranks have helped them look at the funny side of having only one leg. Josh Sunquist, who lost a leg at age nine, has dreamed up some seriously humorous costumes. Last year, using a sign and a ...

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How the Church Can Be a Catalyst for Miraculous Change


Shutterstock.com We live in a world where evil dominates the headlines and political chaos appears to reign. Many wonder if good can ever triumph over evil. Though our vision for the future may be bleak, God’s isn’t. In fact, His vision is full of hope. In this moment, He is preparing us for something greater. God ...

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