Angel Feather Colours and Their Meanings


pixabay.com Our angels like to send us signs to let us know they are listening and working on our prayers and requests. Symbols like feathers are most important when they are meaningful to the person who receives them, especially if you have asked your angels for a sign. The first question to ask is “What does ...

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Watch Domestic Abuse Survivor React to Dentist Surprising Her With New Smile For Free


After a Texan dentist gave one of his patients a beautiful new smile, she gave him a reaction that he “will cherish forever.’ 28-year-old Kyleigha Scott had originally gone into Kenny Wilstead’s dental office earlier this month for a wisdom tooth extraction – but upon inspecting her smile, Wilstead asked her why her front tooth was so damaged. The tooth was ...

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More Than a Festival


YouTube.com If your cousin painstakingly described to you how she went to church last Sunday, sat down in a pew, and listened to the pastor talk for two hours, you’d probably mentally check out. But if that same cousin told you that she had an experience at church, you’d snap to attention. An experience is more ...

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17-Year-Old Army Private Reunites Online With Stranger She Saved From Las Vegas Shooting


Every day, we’re learning more about brave heroes who selflessly risked their own lives to help strangers during the shooting in Las Vegas – and one of the most recent heroes to reach the limelight was only a teen. Jacquelyn Trujillo, a 17-year-old Army private, was attending the Route 91 Harvest festival to celebrate her return home from basic training with the Army ...

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The Sacred and the Secular


MegaFest As a best-selling author, successful entrepreneur, and the spiritual leader of The Potter’s House, a Christian church based in Dallas, Texas that boasts over 30,000 members, Bishop T.D. Jakes likes to dream big. He works hard to overcome the barriers that separate people from hope, peace and joy. He makes it his mission to free ...

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Teen Boys Filmed Giving Duvet to Homeless Man and Tucking Him In


Millenials may get a bad rap for being the generation introduced to smartphones, but these three Polish teens are a perfect example of how youngsters are just as kind and compassionate as everyone else. Last December, Szymon, Wojtek, and Marcin were wandering down a street in Nysa – a city in southern Poland – when they stumbled upon a homeless man. ...

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Scriptures to Weather the Storms of Life


shuttershock.com Everyone will suffer from the storms of life. It’s inevitable. Something, somewhere, someday will go wrong. When it does, we feel like we are left floundering in the waves. We may feel adrift, even abandoned. Despite those sometimes hopeless feelings, we don’t have to weather those storms alone. Friends, family and even ...

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Woman Deceived On the Internet by Older Man Finds Love With Model Whose Photos Lured Her In


Emma Perrier was already heartbroken from a past relationship when she took a chance with online dating. Her hope for romance was renewed when a matchmaking app paired her with a charming and extraordinarily handsome man named Ronnie Scicluna. The love story took a turn, however, when she found out that Ronnie Scicluna wasn’t real. After she was dumped by her ...

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How to Grow Your Angel Wings


Shutterstock.com Angel wings develop as you continue along your spiritual journey. They do not, of course, appear physically, but you may sense them with your physical body. A warm, tingling sensation may develop along the upper part of your spine or you may feel the energy that will become your wings gathering behind ...

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11-Year-Old Becomes ‘America’s Top Young Scientist’ for Her Sensor Detecting Lead in Water


Gitanjali Rao may be young, but she was just named “America’s Top Young Scientist” for her simple and cost-effective device that can detect lead in water. The 11-year-old from Lone Tree, Colorado and her device won the $25,000 title from the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge on Tuesday. Rao, who was competing against other young scientists between 11 and 14 ...

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