Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Set to Marry the Man Who Saved Her


Boston firefighter Mike Materia is set to marry Roseann Sdoia in a wedding ceremony this fall – and the happy couple might never have met if Roseann hadn’t been standing near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013 when a terrorist’s bomb exploded. After the explosive detonated, Matt came to the aid of his future wife and accompanied the severely wounded woman to Massachusetts General Hospital for ...

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How to Craft a Life that Matters


shutterstock.com All of us desire to create a life that is transformative and compelling. If we are honest with ourselves this is never an uncomplicated task to accomplish because there are always those twists and turns that attempt to uproot us. There are many things we can’t control in our lives. When it comes to people ...

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How Running Got 6,000 Homeless People Back on Their Feet (WATCH)


1,200 people have found housing; 2,300 people have found jobs; 6,000 people have found purpose and transformation – and it’s all because of running. Back On My Feet is a nonprofit that helps homeless people turn their lives around through jogging and community engagement. Volunteers operating in 12 major cities recruit participants from homeless residential facilities. Interested individuals sign up for ...

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Bible Verses that Will Change the Way You See the World


Shutterstock.com Bible is a font of wisdom. If you’re like most, you may be acquainted with a few commonly cited, feel-good verses. These are the ones that seem empty, clichéd, irrelevant, or downright wrong. You may even think that the Bible has nothing real to say about our contemporary world. You’d be wrong. Scripture is so ...

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Widower’s Search For Fishing Buddy Ends in Quite a Catch


Ray Johnstone was only looking for a fishing buddy to replace his deceased wife and friend – but after posting a heartbreaking online ad, the internet went wild. Ray’s advertisement read: “My name is Ray Johnstone. Australian. I’m a widowed pensioner who is looking for a fishing mate. My previous mate is now deceased. What I want is a fishing mate ...

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Spiritual Rules for Success


Shutterstock.com Oh, those “gotcha” moments can be cumbersome for us. They catch us off guard, cause anxiety and veer us off the road of where God is leading us! This is when we really need to start making sure we get back on track. The devil would love nothing more than for to become sidelined from ...

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The 10 Motivational Books Used By the World’s Top Achievers – Survey


As Buddha once said, “we are what we think” —and positive thinking is an important step in any achievement, whether in your career or your personal life. So why not follow what inspires some of the most successful people on the planet? Maybe you are looking to make changes in the way you approach your relationships, or perhaps you are striving to alter the ...

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What We Can Learn From Megyn Kelly


When Megyn Kelly announced that she will be leaving Fox News where she worked for 12 years, we had to applaud her for broadening her career. Kelly, who hosted her own program on Fox News called “The Kelly File,” garnered 2.5 million nightly viewers and a strong following. She has moved on to host her own daytime news show, host ...

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Dog Escapes Shelter to Track Down Woman Who Fed Him Treats


Ted the German shepherd-Akita mix and Abbey Boyd the SPCA worker became a match made in heaven after cheese-flavored bacon strips brought them together. Ted was brought into the Northwest Territories SPCA in Yellowknife on Friday. Terrified by the building and surrounding humans, the canine refused to leave his kennel. In an effort to befriend the pup, Abbey fed him some ...

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We Are Never Alone with Angels


We Are Never Alone with Angels Contrary to popular belief, we aren’t born alone and we don’t die alone. The birth angels accompany us throughout the entirety of our existence. They are assisted by the guardian angels who lean over our cradles just after our birth. These guardian angels don’t intervene directly in our ...

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