Be the Real You


A bubbly friend asked, “What is your problem?” In a snarky comeback, the answer was simply, “This gal has had enough and the mask needs to be lifted.” She responded that she didn’t understand. How could she? She never knew what it was like to toil, deal with life or be without. She was one of ...

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Boy Gives His Most Prized Possession to Grieving Cops to “Make Them Feel Better”


7-year-old Brady Duke was heartbroken to hear that one of his local police officers was killed in the line of duty. He could only imagine how sad the rest of the police force must be feeling after losing one of their own. So Brady selected his most prized possession to send along as a gift to the grieving police officers ...

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Unnerving Premonitions That Came True


Edgar Allen Poe wrote about a murder – even identifying the victim’s name – 46 years before it happened. Morgan Robertson described the Titanic over a decade before it was built. Charles Dickens wrote a ghost story that later came true. In each of these stories, the authors wrote about events in specific details years before ...

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Man Returns Library Book 35 Years Later With $200 Check And Author’s Autograph


  A library book that was stolen in 1982 has finally found its way home after the thief could not carry it on their conscience any longer. Kathy Mora, the library director of the Great Falls Public Library in Great Falls, Montana, recently received a package containing a 1975 edition of “Bid Time Return“ by Richard Matheson. Enclosed with the ...

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6 Ways to Set Goals You’ll Actually Achieve


Shutterstock.com Want to make big or small changes in your life? It may seem like a simple idea, but setting goals is a great first step — and understanding the psychology behind setting and reaching goals will greatly increase your chances of achieving them. “It’s important to know what you want to do, ...

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Do Cats Prefer People or Food? Surprising Study Will Have You Purring


Even though cat lovers will vouch for their feline friends until the day they die, cats often receive a bad rap for being perceived as less affectionate than dogs – but this new study examining their behavior proves otherwise. An endearing report published in Behavioural Processes showed that the majority of cats preferred social interaction with humans over food – or any other stimulation, for ...

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How to Make Your Single Years Significant


Shutterstock.com Single life can be extremely lonely and depressing. While seeing the happiness of our friends who have found compatible significant others is wonderful, it has the ability to make us feel discontented with our own single lives. We wonder what’s wrong with us and what we’re missing out on. Why can’t we find a person ...

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Boy Saves Mom’s Life By Doing the Opposite of What She Said


Kids are taught to do what their parents tell them to do – but in this case, it’s good that Camdyn Smith didn’t follow his mother’s orders; otherwise she may not be alive today. Camdyn returned to his home in Sedro-Woolley, Washington after school earlier this month to find his mother Kimberly suffering from chest pains and trouble breathing. Though his ...

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Staying Young in Retirement


Senior citizens are commonly thought to be out of touch with the world and are typically associated with vast stereotypes. The older folks fight a battle through the media, our culture and our conversations that they can’t contribute to society. Let’s face it, the aging population are rarely respected in our society. But many seniors are enjoying ...

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Man Breaks Up Street Fight, Won’t Leave Until Teens Shake Hands


Ibn Ali Miller has received mountains of praise since a video of him breaking up a street fight between two teenagers has gone viral. The video, which includes a crowd of other youths encouraging the brawling teens, shows Miller marching up to the group and demanding that they stop fighting and work out their problems as men. “You’re almost men, you’re ...

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