A Guide to Making Lasting Changes in Your Life


Shutterstock.com They say people don’t change, but author Sean Young’s upcoming book, “Stick With It,” examines the science behind doing just that—and making it stick. Over the past fifteen years, Young has worked with the brightest minds in science to identify the psychological processes that affect behavioral change, and according to his book, ...

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Dog Hailed as Hero After Refusing to Leave Goats Alone in Wildfires


As Robert Handel and his family drove away from their burning neighborhood, they were certain that their beloved dog Odin and their 8 goats would also fall prey to the wildfires. So imagine their surprise – and relief – when they returned the next day to find Odin and the goats were safe and sound. Handel, who lives on a ...

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5 Ways to Make Fear Work For You


We’ve all been told that fear is a bad thing. It makes us weak. It makes us insecure. It keeps us from achieving our goals. But what if everything we think we know about fear is wrong? Kristen Ulmer knows fear intimately. One of the best extreme skiers in the world for 12 years, ...

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5-Year-old Empties Piggy Bank to Buy Milk For Classmate – and Raises Money to Buy Hundreds More


This 5-year-old has always had milk with every meal – so when she noticed that one of her classmates couldn’t afford to buy a carton of her own, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Two weeks ago, Sunshine Oelfke’s grandmother Jackie Sue spotted the youngster emptying out her piggy bank and counting the coins. She then dumped all ...

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What Does Your Birth Month Say About You?


Shutterstock.com Souls come to this world at certain times for specific reasons. The time that we are born is significant astrologically as it tells us attributes we are born with and gives us clues about lessons we’re here to learn. Your birth month can tell you a lot about who you are and why you’re here. ...

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Boy Forwards Money He Found to Soccer Player Because ‘We Can’t Keep What’s Not Ours’


Pure class from young Adam pic.twitter.com/KVSpfJlZrm — Sean Jarvis (@SeanMJarvis) October 24, 2017   While some might be excited to pocket a $5 bill found on the street, this young man was more excited to pass on his good fortune to someone else: his favorite soccer player. 9-year-old Adam Bhana was leaving a football game between Huddersfield Town and Manchester ...

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Discovering Your Soul's Purpose


The idea that the human consciousness lives on after death is up to interpretation for some people. For others, it is what keeps them going, knowing that there is more to life than what we can taste, can hear and can feel in our physical bodies. But what is the soul exactly? The soul can be ...

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Woman Called ‘Angel’ After Her Sweet Gesture Was Recorded at Walmart


There may not be literal angels with wings hiding around us, but there are compassionate people who are ready to give and inspire whenever possible. Anna Melissa Olivarez witnessed one such angel in action earlier this month at a Walmart in San Antonio, Texas. Olivarez was waiting in line behind a man who was trying to pay for his cart ...

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6 Ways to Start Being Happier Today


Everyone wants to be happy, don’t they? That’s a silly question even to ask. If you had to choose between being happy and being unhappy, who wouldn’t choose happiness? Happiness is so important to us that it’s enshrined in our nation’s founding document, stating that Americans are given the right to “life, liberty, and ...

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For 95-Year-old Who Loves to Walk, Neighbors Along the Mile Set Out Chairs Just For Him


Neighbors help each other out in a number of ways – but this entire community has come together for their 95-year-old neighbor Harvey Djerf. Djerf, who is a retired biology teacher and WWII veteran, loves to walk. He loves walking so much, in fact, he has walked the same 1 mile route twice a day for the last 65 years. ...

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