Jail Inmates Rush to Save Fallen Officer, Rather Than Escaping


Six inmates are being hailed as heroes after they saved the life of a correctional officer who passed out during a work detail on Monday. The inmates of Polk County Jail in Georgia were working outside during a particularly humid morning when their security officer, who asked not to identified, collapsed unconscious. At that point, the prisoners could have taken ...

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The Key to a Happy Life Lies in Finding Meaning


The pursuit of happiness has long been an integral part of the American Dream, but we’ve been going about that pursuit in all the wrong ways. Prominent Jewish psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl, once wrote that “Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue. One must have a reason to ‘be happy.’” According to a recent ...

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After Daughter’s Death, Dad Bikes 2,000 Miles To Hear Her Heartbeat One Last Time


This dad couldn’t contain his emotions when he heard his daughter’s heartbeat for the first time in six months. That’s because 21-year-old Loumonth Jack Jr. was first diagnosed with a rare heart defect in January, and he was only given ten days to live unless he underwent a heart transplant. In the very same week, Abbey Connor was found unconscious at the ...

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Are You Being Left Behind?


A friend said that she didn’t understand why she felt stuck in life. “I am in a rut,” she announced precipitously. The conclusion was that life felt colorless and stagnated. We all tend to get into a funk like this in life. Maybe your career stalled and you don’t have the motivation to forge ahead with ...

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Bikers Escort Bullied 10-Year-old Boy to School With Dignity


VIDEO: After a year of bullying 10 year old Xander Rose would like to forget. An escort to school he will always remember. @CTVAtlantic pic.twitter.com/fgQ55ouBNo — Kyle Moore (@KyleMooreCTV) June 21, 2017   After being mercilessly bullied and made fun of, Xander Rose was given a day at school that he won’t soon forget. That’s because he was walked up ...

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7 Manager Mistakes That You Are Making


Gallup revealed that most American workers are disenchanted with their jobs. Most of those people surveyed (55 percent) felt undervalued and did the minimum expected in order to get through their day since they were fighting to survive. “About 17.2 percent in Gallup’s research were ‘actively disengaged.’ These employees were either checked-out or just going through ...

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Lost Hikers Rescued in Record Amount of Time, Thanks to Drone


It can take all night for this mountain park’s search and rescue team to find missing hikers – but thanks to new drone technology, a recent search was over in a matter of hours. The Douglas County Search and Rescue Team of Colorado were deployed on Thursday after two hikers and their dog found themselves lost in the woods of Devil’s ...

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6 Self-Help Podcasts That Will Change Your Life


There’s something captivating about oral storytelling. We give our trust to the human voice in a way we don’t often give it to onscreen text. A voice feels intimate, expressive, and alive in a way that utterly captures our attention and holds it. This is why the podcast is the perfect format for connecting ...

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Stranger Swaps Pants With High School Graduate So He Can Join His Peers


Though it may have seemed like a strange request at the time, this teen was allowed to participate in his high school graduation ceremony thanks to the kindness of a stranger. Leroy Solis Jr. was set to graduate from MacArthur High School in San Antonio, Texas on Wednesday when he was stopped by a school representative saying that he wouldn’t ...

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6 Ways to Regain Your Joy


Joy is unlike any other emotion. Unlike happiness, which we often feel as a result of things outside of us, joy is something that is cultivated internally. It is a unique combination of satisfaction, peace, and intense positivity that provides what many describe as a spiritual experience. Unfortunately, joy is also a fleeting thing ...

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