Powerful Prayer to Get You through the Worst


The power of prayer is beyond anyone’s belief. No one can truly understand the grace and strength that lies behind the words derived from the heart and cultivated into prayer. When you communicate to the Lord, the utmost truth and selflessness is produced because you’re shedding all of the preconceived notions and stereotypes that consume your ...

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$200K Donated Overnight for Soldier Killed Fighting ISIS


It’s a familiar story; a soldier is killed while he is fighting overseas, leaving his wife and children behind without a father. And in the case of Special Forces Sergeant Mark De Alencar, he was no ordinary father either. This past weekend, Alencar was killed while fighting against ISIS in Afghanistan. During his time as a Green Beret, he was recognized ...

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Encouraging Those Who Are Downcast


Shutterstock.com He wore his shame like a weighty overcoat—understandable, given all he’d been through. A “moral failure”—that’s what it’s called in church circles, which essentially means you’ve been unfaithful to your marriage vows, and also to the rules that church staff are supposed to uphold. He’d been let go from his ministry position but still kept ...

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12-Year-old Girl Outsmarts Carjacker and Saves Little Sister


A 12-year-old girl may not seem like much of a match for an adult carjacker – but that wasn’t the case for Maddie Weiler. Maddie and her 7-year-old sister Molly were on the way to the Busch Gardens theme park in Virginia on Saturday when they witnessed a car accident happen right in front of their eyes. Maddie’s mother Brandie Weiler ...

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7 Reasons Smiling is Beneficial


Shutterstock.com Meow, hiss and back off! Does this sound like you beyond the typical morning and well after the alarm goes off? Well, you little old grumpy pants, you better start changing that terrible disposition by smiling. Yes, even if it is forced. One in 10 adults in America relies on some kind of medication for ...

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Clever Pup Opens 4 Doors So He Can Reunite With His Family (WATCH)


Some dogs can’t even understand the basic “sit” and “stay” commands, let alone being smart enough to break out of an animal hospital – which is precisely what General did earlier this week. General is a Great Pyrenees who was kept in a kennel at the Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital in Stafford, Virginia while his family was on vacation. The hospital’s security ...

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7 Ways to Beat Shame


Worthlessness, depravity, torment and fear. The definition is up to you. No matter where you stand, shame breeds nothing but negativity, which can cause you problems throughout your journey. Life experiences can lead to shame along with hurts and disappointments. These situations may give people a shame-based nature that we carry around like old baggage. ...

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American Airlines Worker Hailed for Saving 2 Lives in 1 Day


This American Airlines customer service manager was hailed as a hero on Tuesday after he saved two different people in one day. Christopher Hatcu was working at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina on January 22nd when a customer, later identified as Paul Gonnelli, passed out on the ground from a heart attack. Hatcu, who used to be ...

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Your Graduate Can Become a VIP


Acronyms! We who use the English language are obsessed with them. In fact, in every facet of life we are hard-pressed to communicate without them. My title is CEO. At GuideStone Financial Resources, we have a COO with an MBA, a CFO with a CPA, and a CIO with a CFP. Those who are graduating must ...

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Firefighters Spend Hour Dislodging Kitten From Porsche Engine


How this tiny kitten got stuck in the engine block of a $100,000 sports car is still a mystery – but we do know that it’s thanks to these firefighters that he made it out. David Burch had just bought a brand new 2016 Porsche Cayenne when he started hearing a mysterious meowing emanating from somewhere in his vicinity. While ...

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