Tips on Mending Your Broken Heart


Pick whatever term you need to describe a heartbreak. It’s crushing, painful, distressful and makes you come unglued. A broken heart can be the ending of a relationship, a death, the end of a dream or from disloyalty. The experience of heartbreak can be so powerful it can lead to physical pain that is substantial. A ...

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Man Comes Home to Find Cat Waiting For Him – Except He’s Never Owned a Cat


There is nothing like coming home to a loving furry feline who has been eagerly awaiting your return— unless you have never owned a cat in the first place. This is exactly what happened to a user of the Imgur photo sharing site named Nigel a few weeks ago. The San Diego, California resident came home from work to find ...

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The Top Professions For Every Zodiac Sign


Shutterstock.com The want of a purpose is one of the strongest human desires, but is also one of the most difficult to satisfy. Many of us tend to meander through life, picking up odd jobs and chasing the occasional passion, but true purpose eludes us. But what if you could look to the ...

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Dog Insists On Saving Every Stranded Earthworm, Gently Lifting Them Onto the Grass


This 2-year-old pup does not care how small an animal is – she is determined to save every single one of them. Whenever Holliday the German shepherd/border collie mix goes on a walk with her owner Caitlyn Beebe, she makes sure to rescue all of the earthworms that are stranded on the hot dry pavement. “She gently picks them up ...

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Do You Know How a Solar Eclipse Affects Your Sign?


Shutterstock.com Astrology is the millennia-old practice of studying the movements of the stars to determine their influence on our lives. Mixing the scientific and the mystical, this ancient art is still popular today in the familiar form of horoscopes and zodiac signs. Those who practice astrology refer to twelve equal divisions of the belt-like region of ...

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I Transformed Haunting Memories By Returning to Those Places With Gifts


I was a heroin addict the last time I walked the roads of this California beach town. I ruined my relationship with the girl of my dreams, but recently got a second chance to do it over. While the town is outwardly beautiful, I worried about how I would react passing by, once again, the street corners and hang-outs that ...

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The Best Baby Names For Each Zodiac Sign


Shutterstock.com Where baby names are concerned, the choices can be overwhelming. Do you go with Liam or Lucas? Emma or Olivia? Do you go with something traditional, or make up something new and unusual? And what if you get it wrong? Fortunately, when it comes to names, there is no right or wrong—although ...

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Stranger Erects New Mailbox for Blind Woman So She Doesn’t Have To Walk Into Street


A blind woman in Henrico, Virginia has been worried for years that one day she would get hit by a car on the busy roadway where she has to go into the street to open her mailbox. But she doesn’t have any fears today, thanks to a Good Samaritan who used his own money and skills to fix the problem. ...

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Influencing and Winning Over Others


Shutterstock.com Leadership and influencing people are more than delegating tasks in a business setting. It shapes communities, families and can inspire people to reach new heights. When Bill Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush in the 1992 presidential election, they managed to become friends despite the political discourse among parties. “I think dad was willing to rise ...

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Guardian Angel Plumber Gives Scholarships to Kids With Parents in Jail


It can already be tough growing up without a parent – let alone trying to finance your own way through college without parental help. That’s why Karl Winsness is lending a hand. As a means of helping out local kids, Winsness created the only scholarship in the country that is given exclusively to children with incarcerated parents. Winsness, who calls ...

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