Siri Sends Amusing Text to Guy’s Wife When He Starts Playing the Trombone


It never seems like Siri can understand what you’re saying when you actually need her to work – whether it’s asking for directions to a certain address or asking her to search for something on the internet only to be told: “Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that”. Well, this guy figured out why: apparently you have to speak to her ...

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Inspiring Words from God That Will Change Your Life


One of the most influential people in your life is someone you’ve actually never met face-to-face. You’ve never completed the obligatory hand shake with this man, but his presence is life changing and influences your life on a daily basis. I am referring to the man upstairs, of course. You pray to him every day and request his guidance during ...

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Hero Cop Holds onto Van Dangling Over a Bridge Until Man Inside is Saved


1st on the scene of this collision on the #A1M this morning and faced with a vehicle balancing over the edge of a bridge with the driver trapped! After holding on to the vehicle to stop it swaying in the wind I can’t begin to desribe my relief when @WYFRS arrived on scene! pic.twitter.com/E8ilktlOl7 — Motorway Martin (@WYP_PCWILLIS) December 1, ...

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5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Boost Your IQ


Shutterstock.com IQ stands for intelligence quotient and was the standard for measuring intelligence for decades. A person’s IQ is determined by a specific standardized test. A score of 100 is considered average with anything above or below 100 considered to be above or below average respectively. For many years, scientists believed that a person’s IQ was ...

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Homeless Man Tears Open Deadlocked Door and Rescues Kids From Smoke-Filled Home


ONLY ON @News3LV: This homeless man ran into a burning apartment to save two small children. Although @LasVegasFD arrived on scene quickly, this man is the true hero! Hear my interview with him at 3,5 and 6. pic.twitter.com/NYrgTMtFQq — Kelsey Thomas (@KelseyNews3LV) December 1, 2017   When a house went up in flames on Friday, a homeless man risked his ...

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My Hero, Ellie Walton


She’s only 3-years-old, but she has superpowers. Despite Ellie Walton’s diagnosis she’s still smiling and living life to the fullest. Ellie has been fighting brain cancer for almost three years. She was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called desmoplastic infantile ganglioglioma/astrocytoma when she was 4 months old. Since the original diagnosis, Ellie has received seven rounds of chemotherapy and ...

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When Guy Sees Napping Restaurant Cook, He Lets Them Sleep and Prepares, Pays For His Own Meal


When a Waffle House employee was having trouble keeping their eyes open during the graveyard shift, Alex Bowen was not about to stop them from getting some much-needed sleep. Instead, he decided to take manners into his own hands. Bowen had originally walked into the West Columbia, South Carolina restaurant at 3AM in search of something to eat after a ...

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Pay Gaps in Sports Should Not be a Factor in 2016


Wake up it is 2016! Women are just as capable as men in doing the same job in the corporate, political and in the sports world. But the sobering fact is there is still a discrepancy in pay. A pew research poll in 2015 was quite disturbing regarding the perception people have towards women. Most Americans that were surveyed admitted ...

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When Wife Needed Kidney, He Walked For Miles Holding a Sign – and He Just Found a Donor


Wayne Winters and his wife had been waiting for two years to find a kidney donor that could save her from her stage five kidney failure, and Winters became tired of waiting for a miracle. Instead, he took to the streets of Farr West, Utah last month with a sandwich board sign reading: “Need Kidney 4 Wife”. Every day, he ...

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7 Things People Who Are Bad With Money Do


Shutterstock.com No one wants to be accused of being a bad money manager. Unfortunately, poor habits are far too easy to create. It is painfully simple to start living beyond your means. All it takes is an extra night out with your significant other each month, getting a membership at a nicer gym ...

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