Woman Births Twins as Surrogate for Sister Who Had 9 Miscarriages


Melissa Kayser was heartbroken when she was forced to realize that she couldn’t give birth – but luckily, her compassionate older sister volunteered to be her surrogate and bear her child. The 33-year-old had endured nine miscarriages over the course of three years in her efforts to have children. After undergoing failed fertility treatments, doctors told her to find a surrogate. That’s when Melissa’s 35-year-old ...

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Dog Finds Missing Cat Hiding In the Floor 2 Months After House Fire


Christine Marr had become resigned to the fact that her cat Ringer probably perished in the family’s house fire two months ago – but thanks to her dog’s keen sense of smell, she learned that the cat had some of his nine lives left. Christine and her husband took their dog Chloe to visit the remains of the charred home on ...

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Teacher Has Kept Petition for 61 Years as Memento of Student Kindness


After reading the heartwarming stories of Teacher Appreciation Week, Danny Beatty decided to submit his own touching tale of student kindness. Danny started teaching at Anacortes High School of Anacortes, Washington in September 1955. According to a letter that the educator sent to the Seattle Times earlier this week, Danny maintained a course load of teaching six different classes, each consisting ...

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Photographer Offers to Take Free Graduation Photos for Kids Who Can’t Afford Them


Richard Wah doesn’t have any photos of his high school graduation – that’s because he didn’t have the money to pay for a photographer when he was a teenager. Now that he’s 44 years old, however, he wants to give other kids the opportunities that he never had. Richard, who works as a photographer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is offering free graduation photoshoots ...

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Mother Who Refused to Give Up Disabled Son Nurtures Him All the Way to Harvard


Despite being told he would never succeed because of his disabilities, this 29-year-old Chinese man defied all of the odds thanks to his devoted mother. Because of complications at birth, Ding Ding was born with cerebral palsy. Doctors advised his mother, Zou Hongyan, to give up the infant because he would never be as smart or capable as other children. ...

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Husband Wins Mother’s Day With Incredibly Thoughtful Virtual Gift


Most Mother’s Day gifts usually stay somewhere in the realm of flowers or breakfast in bed – but this husband really went beyond the call of duty for his beloved wife. This month, Danielle Digby and her family will be moving away from Port Moody, British Colombia to greener pastures. The mother of two was sad, however, to be leaving behind their hand-painted ...

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Family Celebrates 3 Generations of Women Graduating This Year


This isn’t just any school year for the Flennoy family – this is the year that five different women from three familial generations graduate from their respective schools. LaWanda Flennoy was excited enough to be celebrating her own college graduation with an Associate’s degree in psychology from South Suburban College in Chicago, Illinois. But in addition to her own achievement, her ...

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Women Recovering From Eating Disorders Can Receive Free Fitted Clothes, Thanks to Former Patient


Recovering from an eating disorder is no easy journey – that’s why this nonprofit wants to take some of the burden off of women’s shoulders. The Garment Project is the only organization that helps empower women healing from eating disorders by rebuilding their wardrobe for free. Many people who suffer from eating disorders have fluctuating weight and body measurements, making it frustrating for ...

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Erasing Hate: He Found His Purpose by Wiping Out Hateful Graffiti in His City


This Canadian has dedicated his life to cleaning up hateful and racist graffiti anywhere it pops up in his city—and now “Erasing Hate” has become a movement. Corey Fleischer first experience the joy of combatting the awful drawings two years ago when he drove past a van that had “KKK” and swastikas spray-painted on the side. After talking with the owner of the vehicle, Corey got to work cleaning ...

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Farmer Rescues Kittens From Flood With Broom Handle and Baby Wipe Box


This 24-year-old farmer might be the new Macgyver after he rescued two kittens from rising flood waters with just a broom handle and baby wipes container. Duncan Bridges and his stepdaughter had just entered their Sheffield, New Brunswick farmhouse on Thursday morning when they heard a faint mewing coming from inside the walls. Bridges leapt into action, prying off two ...

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