5 facts about immigrant mothers and U.S. fertility trends


As their ranks have swelled in the past several decades, immigrants have come to play an outsize role in U.S. fertility, accounting for almost one-fourth (23%) of babies born in the United States (but just 14% of the overall population). A new Pew Research Center report examines long-term trends in U.S. births among both U.S.-born and foreign-born women, and the growing gap ...

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Fighting Lionfish, One Bite at a Time


Meet Pterois, the lionfish, also known as the devil firefish, scorpion fish, dragonfish and other fear-inspiring names. Beautiful and bizarre, elegant and deadly. Well, perhaps not directly to humans, but there is a reason they have these monikers. They are top of the food chain. A lion in the underwater jungle. And they are devouring everything in their path. Over ...

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Shared religious beliefs in marriage important to some, but not all, married Americans


At a time when American society has become less religious, many people still say shared religious beliefs are an important ingredient for marital success. But married adults point to other factors, such as shared interests and even sharing household chores, as bigger keys to a successful marriage. Nearly half of all married adults (47%) say sharing religious beliefs with one’s ...

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Why Do Drugs?


Any casual look at media, billboards, online popups, and banners and signs in stores is enough to show that medications and drugs are ubiquitous. Whether used initially for a legitimate medical reason – with a prescription from a doctor – or socially, drug use can and does morph into something much more serious, including addiction. Why, then, do drugs? Just ...

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What is Souping? Cleanse and Taste


It’s time for soup. Always and at all hours. “Souping is the new juicing” announced The New York Times at the start of the year and it appears to be spreading from the States around the planet, one spoon at a time. What is Souping? From the viewpoint of physical wellbeing, the keyword is: detox. All the beneficial properties of ...

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Few Americans identify with more than one religion


While the number of Americans who were raised in homes where parents had different religions appears to be growing, relatively few think of themselves as having been brought up in more than one religion, and even fewer say they currently belong to multiple religions. Roughly one-in-five American adults say they were raised by two people with different religious identities – ...

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Italian Delicacies: Bresaola From Valchiavenna


Bresaola is of ancient origin and yet the etymology of the word is somewhat uncertain. Certainly the term contains a reference to salt and harks back to the extremely ancient, even prehistoric technique of salting the meat of wild animals, venison primarily. Since 1996, it has been guaranteed by the European PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) trademark, which controls certified producers ...

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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Child’s Growing Brain


You drive your child to soccer practice three times a week so she will get the right amount of exercise. You rush through your evening routine to make sure he is in bed on time and gets enough sleep. You engage in an endless battle of wills at mealtime to make sure she eats all of the broccoli on her ...

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Berkeley, California, a City Tasting Tour


To most of the world, Berkeley is a university town in California. To foodies, it’s know as the home of Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse. Because of the latter, it’s also where you walk around before that dinner reservation you booked exactly one month in advance. But the college town, a former centre of the 1960s and ‘70s hippie movement, has ...

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Psychology Around the Net: October 22, 2016


Once again, my friends, I come to you from behind a computer screen with a box of tissues on one side and a trash can on the other. Tears are running down my cheeks, I can’t stop sneezing, and even though I can’t breathe my nostrils aren’t too stopped up to — well, I won’t get gross. Wasn’t it just ...

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