Cooking the Classics: Punjabi Chana Masala


The borders between Pakistan and India, when it comes to food, are artificial. To say that a dish is Pakistani and not Indian is an impossibility, as flavours and tastes know no boundaries. Suffice to say, this is a regional Punjabi dish, and one that’s easy to fall in love with, whether cooking it in Lahore, New Delhi, London or ...

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2017 Beverage Trends: New Elixir of Health?


Quenching our thirst looks like being an increasingly bizarre activity in the future, if it is true that the 2017 will mark the success of the most outlandish beverage trends, stretching the limits of what is considered to be recherché. Alas … they will not be elixirs of eternal youth and they will not make us invincible, but they will ...

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The Stars Align for Britain and Ireland’s Restaurant Scene


British and Irish food has come a long way. The home of wholesome and hearty full-cooked breakfasts and Sunday roasts now boasts Michelin-star restaurants, exciting gastropubs and dynamic street food to rival anywhere in Europe. And according to some of Britain’s top chefs, it’s getting better and better. In the Michelin Guide for Great Britain and Ireland 2017, Heston Blumenthal’s ...

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True Story: One Father’s Struggle with Postpartum Depression


Dads get the “baby blues” too. People might not realize this, but, after the birth of a child, both women and men can encounter symptoms of postpartum depression. I’m speaking from experience here. After the birth of my daughter, which endures as one of the happiest moments of my life, I found myself struggling with unexpected waves of anxiety, fear, ...

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Happy Halloween! 9 Ideas to Celebrate


It’s Halloween time! The scariest night of the year is finally upon us. How will you be celebrating? We’ve got Halloween food ideas that will help you entertain in style. How about sinking your teeth into a bloody Halloween cake? Or what about snacking on jello eyeballs or jelly bats? These spooky treats will please all the goblins and ghosts that ...

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Births Outside of Marriage Decline for Immigrant Women


October 26, 2016 Long-term growth in total U.S. births driven by the foreign born, who account for 23% of all babies By Gretchen Livingston Newborn babies in hospital nursery, Danbury, Connecticut USA ©2006 Blaine Harrington III After rising for decades, the share of U.S. babies born to unmarried women has stabilized in recent years, driven by a sharp decline in ...

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How Can Childhood Emotional Neglect Make You a Stronger Adult?


All it takes is growing up in a household where your feelings don’t matter enough. With their heads held high but their spirits lower than should be, they walk among us. “I don’t need any help,” they say with a smile. But “what do you need?” they ask others with genuine interest. Loved and respected by all who know them, ...

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Bread and Honey, Nature-Inspired Food Art | Gallery


Pane e Miele (Bread and Honey) is a collaboration between Italian artist Giorgia Mocilnik, Honey Fingers (Nic Dowse), a beekeeper and artist from Melbourne, and the beautiful European honeybee, Apis mellifera. Pane e Miele is also a project that was exhibited last year in Australia and recently in Milan, presenting 12 sculptural works of bread and honeycomb, the latter made ...

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5 facts about immigrant mothers and U.S. fertility trends


As their ranks have swelled in the past several decades, immigrants have come to play an outsize role in U.S. fertility, accounting for almost one-fourth (23%) of babies born in the United States (but just 14% of the overall population). A new Pew Research Center report examines long-term trends in U.S. births among both U.S.-born and foreign-born women, and the growing gap ...

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Fighting Lionfish, One Bite at a Time


Meet Pterois, the lionfish, also known as the devil firefish, scorpion fish, dragonfish and other fear-inspiring names. Beautiful and bizarre, elegant and deadly. Well, perhaps not directly to humans, but there is a reason they have these monikers. They are top of the food chain. A lion in the underwater jungle. And they are devouring everything in their path. Over ...

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