Italian Delicacies: Red Eggplant of Rotonda


With its rounded shape and deep red colour, the Red Eggplant of Rotonda (Melanzana Rossa di Rotonda DOP) looks somewhat similar to a tomato. The consistency of its flesh is like that of any other eggplant but its flavour is slightly piquant and bitter. Its appearance and colour have earned it a reputation for being a devilish fruit, and in ...

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Frédéric Anton: 'I Am Very Attached to the Products'


Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2000 and three Michelin star chef since 2007 at Pré Catelan in Paris, this year Frédéric Anton will take on the role of president of the French jury of S.Pellegrino Young Chef, and mentor of the future winner of the local competition. It is yet another challenge for this pillar of French gastronomy, who himself ...

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Le Livre de Cuisine: illustrations from Chef Gouffé's Book


One hundred and fifty years after its first edition, we are still fascinated by the extraordinary illustrations painted by Marcel Ronjat for the volume entitled Le livre de cuisine. La cuisine de ménage et la grande cuisine by the great French chef and “chef de bouche” Jules Gouffé (1807-1877). Known as the “apostle of decorative cooking”, Jules Gouffé was a chef ...

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10 Numbers behind… Prosecco


One of the best known wines in the world, Prosecco also shares the title with Champagne for being the world’s most desirable white wine. But what do we really know about it? Here are ten facts and figures to unveil its secrets. 2-4  atm is the pressure inside a bottle of Prosecco compared to the 6-7 atm of Champagne. The ...

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Curry Traditions across South Africa


Is there one definitive dish that South Africans love and prepare? It’s common knowledge that South Africa comprises a variety of cultural, ethnic and religious groups, with as many languages to match. One popular belief – and it is true to a large extent – is that South Africans love to braai (barbecue). I set out over the span of ...

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Want Happy and Healthy Kids? Just Say “NO!”


When asked what they want for their kids, many parents respond, “I just want them to be happy and healthy.” Such a simple, harmless, laudable goal! And yet, such an orientation frequently results in parents giving their kids too much stuff, too many experiences, at too early an age. The upshot: These kids become more harpy than happy. Rather than feeling grateful for what they’ve been ...

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Diogo Dreams of Bread


I’m walking down a long street in sunny Lisbon, following my nose. It’s leading me to the Gleba bakery, where Diogo Amorim, a 21-year-old baker with a CV that takes in some of the world’s best kitchens is busy doing what bakers love to do. He’s on a mission resurrect traditonal Portuguese bread culture and currently, with the help of ...

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Ice Cream


Ice cream is one of those childhood treats we seem to never outgrow. It’s creamy, refreshing and the perfect sweet ending to any celebration. Perhaps that’s why it’s everyone’s favorite dessert. That being said, there’s still much to discover about ice cream. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to ice cream which includes everything from homemade recipes and ...

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5 Fine Dining Castle Restaurants to Try


For a gourmet, what could possibly be more representative of a fairytale experience than dining in a castle restaurant? Hidden deep in a forest or set amidst the vineyards with a distant view of the coast or situated in a nature reserve. Wherever the location, it is a truly magical experience to enjoy delicious food in venues steeped in history. ...

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Tsukihana: A New Interactive Dining Experience in Tokyo


Sagaya, a steak restaurant in Tokyo’s Ginza district, is home to Tsukihana, a new digital art space created in collaboration with teamLab, an interdisciplinary creative group who creates interactive installations using projection mapping and digital sensors.  Dining in a Digital Art Room One of the dining rooms of the restaurant has been transformed into a fairytale setting where it’s possible to ...

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