Anthony Genovese: I Always Focus on Creating Emotions


As judge and mentor of S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018, Anthony Genovese, with two Michelin stars to his name for the restaurant Il Pagliaccio in Rome, is faced with an arduous task: that of selecting, together with five colleagues, the future finalist of the S.Pellegrino international competition and accompanying him or her through the preparatory phases towards the Grand Final. Anthony ...

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You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught: How to Explain Hatred to Your Children


With world events occurring at lightning/frightening speed, adults who may be bewildered themselves, may feel at a loss to answer the questions their young ones may have about topics they see broadcast on television or hear about on the school bus. In the wake of the virulent rally in Charlottesville and those that have followed since, it is an even ...

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7 Alternative Caviars to Discover


Considered to be a “luxury product”, caviar owes its exclusive reputation to the fact that it is difficult to obtain sturgeon roe. And yet, there are plenty of alternatives to classical caviar. These often consist of quite different foods which offer us an opportunity to familiarize with new flavours and use some interesting new ingredients in our recipes. After all, ...

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Zurich, Switzerland: a City Tasting Tour with Daniel Humm


Zurich consistently ranks top in global polls for the world’s most liveable cities and, after a short break there, it’s easy to say why. There’s a relaxed feel generally, the air is clean, the lake sparkling and people seem to contentedly go about their business and daily life knowing that they have it better than many other places. The city’s ...

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Like a Painting: Food Still Lifes by Simona Rizzo


In an age in which Social Media is invaded by hastily taken photographs of food, Simona Rizzo‘s work goes against the current trend. The young Italian photographer offers a refined and accurate interpretation of food photography, whose evident aspiration is to recall the great masters of art history, such as Caravaggio. Simona Rizzo approaches with passion the topic of food with ...

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5 Ways to Safely ‘Get High’ with Your Kids


Everyone needs to feel EXTRA alive sometimes. I’ve been thinking lately about the term “getting high”, as it is so commonly used in our culture today. As a student of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), I know the real power our language has in influencing our lives. This leads me to wonder about the relationship between how we define getting high and ...

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New Mashups: Delicious Food Hybrids to Try


The world of mashups is an authentic triumph of contaminations: amazing new takes on ethnic cuisine, unusual and imaginative fusions and ideas verging on eccentricity. From variations on the sushi theme to those inspired by the world of pizza, from new style burritos and wraps to wicked desserts. Some are hybrids designed to cross new commercial frontiers, while others are ...

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Joshua Evans' Fermentation Experiments


“As an antidote to the increasingly bland flavours we’ve grown accustomed to in grocery-store fare, modern chefs and researchers have been working together to amplify the flavours of foods. Can we turn to science to make North America delicious again?” That was the question posed to food researcher and postgraduate student Joshua Evans at this year’s Terroir Symposium in Toronto ...

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Tbilisi, Georgia: a City Tasting Tour


For first time visitors to Georgia, two questions invariably come to mind after a few hours in the country. Why had I not come earlier – and why is this destination not better known? Once you arrive in Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, next question is where to head to eat first: the country’s extraordinary tapestry of cuisine and national dishes ...

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7 Essentials for Parents of Kids with OCD


Looking back to what I now know suggests that my 3 1/2 year old son’s long lasting temper tantrums may have been an indication that something was up. I just didn’t know what it was and wasn’t sure how to become better informed. All I remember is that it seemed like it was his way or the highway. He eventually ...

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