Around the World in 11 Weird Foods


Offal good. It’s the pun that has to be made at the start of an article on weird foods from around the world, because the majority of what we label as “weird”, assuming it won’t taste nice, are the less choice cuts of meat, the by-products of animals that are a bit too anatomically-intriguing for our taste. This article will ...

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Into the wild of a Baltic island: Cooking at Kadeau


At One-Michelin-Star Kadeau restaurant on the island of Bornholm, Denmark, less than 100 km off the southeast coast of Sweden, almost everything is local – except the chief of research and development Kyumin Hahn. Chef Hahn was born in Canada and grew up in California before moving back to Canada and starting his culinary career. He combined his culinary training ...

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Pine Nuts from A to Z: 26 Things to Know


Asian. According to the variety, Asian pine nuts are either elongated or triangular in shape, with brownish tips. They are far less expensive than European varieties. Bitter. Chinese pine nuts have a bitter aftertaste, unlike those from Pakistan, which are sweeter and oilier. Castagnaccio. An Autumn treat of the peasant tradition, this cake is typical of certain north Italian regions ...

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Angela Hartnett: 'What Mentors Can Offer is Experience'


British chef Angela Hartnett had a baptism of fire as a young chef. One of her first jobs was at Gordon Ramsay’s Aubergine in London, where she helped him win a Michelin star. With Ramsay’s seal of approval, she travelled to Dubai, where she was instrumental in launching his Verre restaurant. She returned to London in 2004 and won her ...

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Is Your Teen Withdrawn and Won’t Leave Their Room?


We know there is something wrong but they just won’t talk — to anyone. Many times, the first time we notice our teen is different is when they withdraw from us and their life. They seem to spend so much time in their room, watching YouTube or playing video games and rarely seem to be going out with friends or ...

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Affordable Luxury: Where to Eat in Stockholm, Sweden


One day Karen, a friend of Swedish origin, said to me: “I wish I could go to the Operakallaren, the sumptuous restaurant where my great grandfather proposed to his future wife. But I will never be able to afford it”. Stockholm – the Swedish capital looking onto the Baltic Sea and dubbed “Venice of the North” owing to its dozens ...

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Driving Your Own Bus


“I am not going to Cancun,” I barked — defiance lining my voice.   Eyebrows arched, my saintly mother glowed at me. “What do you mean you aren’t going to Cancun? You are not spending the week at home; you can spend the weekend in Duluth with your grandfather,” she coolly responded. “Fine, I’ll go see Grandpa Arnold,” I smirked ...

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Chantel Dartnall's Inspirational Dishes


When a creative mind puts aesthetic talent and a passion for the culinary arts into creating a dish, it is bound to be a great gastronomical experience. South African chef Chantel Dartnall’s dishes have become renowned around the world with her innovative Botanical Cuisine making the Restaurant Mosaic one of South Africa’s top tables. “Passion, consistency and simplicity” are the three main ...

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The Science of Dry Brining


If you are experienced at using the barbecue, you will certainly know that grilling is only the last step of a complex procedure. One of the most important phases, before actually placing the food on heat, is brining. This is one of the secrets of bona fide “grillers”: it consists in placing the food you intend to cook – usually ...

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What is Biodynamic Wine and Viticulture?


Some consider biodynamic viticulture as this super organic mumbo-jumbo type of farming, others think it’s pure marketing, maybe it’s a religion, or perhaps just an excuse to put a bigger price tag on the bottle. Not much can be said about biodynamic wines that has not been said already. Some love the concept, others just love to hate it. The ...

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