Psychology Around the Net: November 4, 2017


This week’s Psychology Around the Net covers artificial intelligence and psychiatry, a decline in teachers’ mental health, how to continue making progress, and more. Let’s go! Artificial Intelligence Is Here and It Wants to Revolutionize Psychiatry: Are we more comfortable sharing our true feelings and deepest secrets with a machine we assume won’t (or at least at this point in ...

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The Science of Liver


In the succulent and variegated world of offal, liver is the unquestioned protagonist. It owes this popularity to its particular composition. Anatomically speaking, liver is a gland, which serves multiple functions, the main ones being the storage of glycogen, protein synthesis and the production of bile. Hence its typical flavour, a delicate mix of sweet, bitter and acidic tastes which ...

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Traveling with Tommy: Disrupting the Routine of the Autistic Child


Boy, did we learn our lesson. We’ve always been able to travel with Tommy, our autistic child, but this time, we ran into trouble. Autistic kids generally like routine. When Tommy was younger, around six to nine, we could create routine for him. On this trip, at age 11, he exhibited a mind of his own, and it was difficult ...

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5 Things to Know about Terroir Budapest 2017


An eclectic gathering of chefs, producers and food industry leaders came together at Terroir Budapest on the 30th October 2017 to explore the fascinating gastronomy and wines of Hungary, and discuss the exciting future of this emerging food destination. The one-day food forum – an offshoot of a successful annual Canadian symposium – was a hive of talks, learning salons, ...

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One-of-a Kind Dishes You Have to Try in Singapore


Singapore may be just 52 years old but its national dishes – be it chilli crabs or chicken rice – have gained international fame and it’s not surprising to find these uniquely Singapore delicacies dished out in eateries in far-flung countries. Over the past 12 years however, a coterie of local chefs has started to create their own unique styles ...

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Scott Pickett: 'The Kitchen Is My Home'


Scott Pickett’s rise to chef stardom has been stratospheric. At 18 he won gold in Australia’s prestigious Salon Culinaire competition. He cut his teeth under Phillippe Mouchel at Paul Bocuse, and then had trials with Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White in London, before settling at The Square under Phillip Howard. It was there he earned the nickname ‘The Digger’. After ...

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Adult Child of an Alcoholic: How Beginner Ballet Helped My Recovery


Who knew activities could be more enjoyable by taking pressure off yourself? The first time I did a plié, I wanted to die. Not in the literal sense. But in the “how did I not realize this was so hard?” sense. I was drenched in sweat and we hadn’t even gotten through warmups. Welcome to adult absolute beginner ballet. I’d ...

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Affordable Luxury: Where to Eat in Marrakesh


Night falls over Marrakech, Morocco, heightening the city’s allure as the landscape lights up. Known as the ‘Pink City‘ because of the colour of the desert earth that the houses are made from, Marrakech has two souls; the old town, called Medina, and the new, modern town. Here are some recommendations for places to ensure you experience the more luxurious ...

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Psychology Around the Net: October 28, 2017


Happy Saturday, Psych Central readers! This week’s edition of Psychology Around the Net takes a look a judge who might bring the gavel down on the treatment of defendants with mental illness, why Prince Harry thinks too much internet is bad for our mental health, the four genes that scientists have identified as being associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and more. ...

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Tamás Széll's Informal Fine Dining


When Hungarian chef Tamás Széll won gold at last year’s Bocuse d’Or Europe competition, he was working at one of Budapest’s most celebrated restaurants – the one Michelin-starred Onyx. Today he’s working in a market.  It might sound like a strange career trajectory for one of Europe’s rising star chefs. But pay a visit to Szell’s new Stand 25 Bistro ...

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