Sergio Coimbra: 'Chefs are Artists'


Brazilian reputed food photographer Sergio Coimbra became one of the most popular professionals among chefs around the world for his authoral work and stunnig food photos. His career started more than 10 years ago, with publicity photos, food catalogs and food campaigns. He recently opened Satoyama, an exhibit about the cuisine of Japanese chef Yoshihiro Narisawa to show the world ...

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Welcome to Die Gemeinschaft, Germany's New Dining Manifesto


What springs to mind when you think about the German culinary experience? If you stumbled for a couple of moments, don’t worry. Thankfully necessity is the mother of invention, and right now an emergent third-generation of top restaurants are rewriting Germany’s gastronomy blueprint. Communally pledging a manifesto which promises to cement a new identity for German dining culture and what ...

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Behind the Mask: What the ‘Good Daughter’ of the Narcissistic Mother Would Tell You if She Could


As a psychotherapist treating Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers, I see how her daughter, trapped in the role of the “Good daughter,” hides her true self behind a mask of faux perfection. In this article, I explain how she becomes disconnected from her essential self to please her mother and lives a life that is not her own.  You might ...

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Chardonnay Pairings: 15 Dos and Don'ts


Most people who receive a fine bottle of wine as a gift will uncork it and drink it with any meal whatsoever. Unless they are fine diners, of course. The latter will make a point of finding out which grape variety or mix has been used in its production and, after inviting a friend, will be preoccupied with enjoying this ...

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Can Parents Love Each Child the Same and Treat Them Differently?


Readers of a certain age may recall the sibling comedy team called The Smothers Brothers and the classic line Tommy delivered to Dick, “Mom always liked you best.” There are some who would tend to agree that parental preference contributed to their sense of self; either to their benefit or detriment. Although parents may not love one child more than ...

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Ben Houge: Symphony for the Devilled


At Boston’s Symphony Hall in early 2017, elegantly dressed concert-goers are being treated to a four course, pre-performance meal prepared by chef David Verdo, soundtracked and inspired by archival recordings of the hall’s house band, aka the Boston Symphony Orchestra, tackling Vivaldi. As glasses clink and waiters glide between tables, in the background, sits a conductor of sorts, Ben Houge. ...

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Rovos Rail: A Tasting Trail through Africa


It’s a dream bucket-list trip if ever there was one, traversing the bulk of Southern Africa on one of the last remaining truly luxurious trains. On the pine-green Rovos Rail coach, you’re surrounded by polished mahogany panels and shiny brass, smart, muted florals and plaid as the 3,500 miles (5, 633 kilometers) whoosh by over 15 days of delicious dining ...

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5 Suggestions for Setting Realistic Expectations for Yourself


Everyone has expectations for themselves. We often assume these expectations are reasonable. Yet many of them are anything but. We expect ourselves to work without any breaks. We expect ourselves to have the same level of—high—energy every day. We expect ourselves to experience the same emotions—calm and contentment. We expect ourselves to be fearless. We expect that we’ll handle difficult ...

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How to Help Anxious Kids Adapt to Change


Nico loved having the same routine every day of the week. When his routine changed, he would get upset. His emotional meltdowns and rigidity were trying on him and his family. When changes occurred and he was tired, hungry or stressed, his ability to cope was absent. Nico’s parents began to notice that his behavior was also affecting his younger ...

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Rodolfo Guzmán's Trip into Chilean Cuisine


What’s the creative process behind Rodolfo Guzmán’s amazing dishes? The chef of Boragó restaurant in Santiago, Chile (number 5 on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list), shares the secrets of his culinary philosophy in his new book Boragó: Coming from the South (Phaidon), out on 6 November. A look at Chilean Culinary Traditions Chilean gastronomic culture and indigenous produce have informed chef ...

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