Mother’s Memoir of Son’s Opioid Addiction Offers Hope


Lisa Hillman never meant to become a poster child for parents coping with a child’s drug problem. She was an accomplished health care administrator, a fundraising executive married to former Annapolis Mayor Richard Hillman, and the mother of two. Few people knew about the nightmare that was unfolding at home starting with a phone call from her son’s high school ...

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The Science of Slicing Garlic and Onions


Garlic and onions are the essential ingredients of many dishes. Some chefs prefer to do without them, knowing that they have a very strong flavour and tend to mask all the other ingredients. But this is as always a matter of method and quantity: garlic and onions, in fact, are a concentrate of substances which if correctly used can positively enhance ...

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As U.S. marriage rate hovers at 50%, education gap in marital status widens


Half of U.S. adults today are married, a share that has remained relatively stable in recent years but is down 9 percentage points over the past quarter century and dramatically different from the peak of 72% in 1960, according to newly released census data. The decline in the share of married adults can be explained in part by the fact ...

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Cooking the Classics: Confit Duck


I have a thing for ducks: whenever I see duck on a menu, I order it. Duck lovers will know that confit duck is when the fowl is at its finest. I’ve only rarely tried to make it at home, and when I have, I realized that my kitchen chops were insufficient to do it justice. It’s easy to overcook, and the meat ...

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5 Things to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Listen


You ask your child to do something. They refuse. You ask nicely. They still refuse. You raise your voice just a bit to let them know you’re serious. And they refuse, again. You try to bribe them. And you get the same reaction. You finally send them to time-out or try a different discipline technique. And they still refuse—with the ...

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Per Hallundbæk: Lightness with a Nordic Twist


As a boy, Per Hallundbæk dreamt of being a chef. That dream would take him across Europe on a culinary adventure that saw him working in Michelin star kitchens before settling at the Engø Gard hotel in Norway. After receiving the Relais & Chateaux Grand Chef Award, he returned to his homeland of Denmark, where he took the helm of ...

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Trans-Siberian Railway: a Tasting Trail – Part 2


During the first part of our Tran-Siberian Tasting Trail across Russia, we’ve travelled more than 3000 km from Moscow, across the Ural Mountains into Asia, and tasted some fine treats along the way. Now we roll on through Siberia, eastwards to the charming city of Irkutsk, the breath-taking Lake Baikal, and the port city of Vladivistok at the end of the line. ...

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Sex and Your Teen — The Elephant in the Room


So, your 16-year-old daughter wants to have her boyfriend over for a sleepover? It can be doing difficult to navigate sexuality and intimacy with teens of this generation as this ” hook up ” mentality leaves us parents feeling that teens are far too gung-ho and blaze about sex and that they don’t give it the respect and boundary expectations ...

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Some Thoughts on Happiness After Dropping Off My Daughter at College


This was a big week in the life of my family: my older daughter Eliza has gone off to college. In her case, she did a pre-program, where she went hiking in New Hampshire with a small group of other incoming freshmen. This step reminded me of how we did the “Separation” stage when she was starting pre-school. During pre-school, ...

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Ancient Tuna Fishing in Black and White


The mattanza is a very old Italian method of catching tuna that follows a fascinating ceremony in which the relationship between human and sea is centre stage. Sale Sudore Sangue (Salt, Sweat, Blood) is an exhibition by Italian photographer Francesco Zizola that documents the ancient fishing method used to catch red tuna between Portoscuso and Porto Paglia in Sardinia. The pictures, on display ...

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