Canadian First Nations Foods on the Menu


Canadians are turning back to indigenous ingredients after eschewing them for generations. For a James Beard House dinner, Arctic food forager Steven Cooper served caribou, muskox, sea urchin, Arctic char, ptarmigan, seaweed, clams, star fish, mussels and sea cucumbers. “For someone who’s food-curious, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as being out on the ice drilling holes, harvesting a sea urchin ...

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Gert De Mangeleer: Focus is the Magic Word


Having just picked up three Michelin stars, Belgian chef Gert De Mangeleer is a force to be reckoned with and something of a genius. Ambition and determination are what drive him on. Together with pluri awarded Joachim Boudens, sommelier and dining room manager, who is also his best friend, Gert opened Hertog Jan, a fine dining temple located in a farmhouse ...

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Cooking the Classics: Borscht


As an American living in Europe, I’m often asked if there’s anything I miss from back home. The first thing that comes to mind is breakfast. If there’s one breakfasting establishment I fantasize about, it’s the legendary New York establishment, Barney Greengrass. There I don’t order the diner fare, but bialys with cream cheese and smoked sturgeon and glasses of ...

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The Art of Talking


I met my husband Steve in 1994. We went out to dinner on a blind date. Strangely enough, I had the feeling when I met him that I was going to marry him. We wed three years later in 1997. This year we’re celebrating our 20 year wedding anniversary. Back in 2003, when we were trying to adopt a baby, ...

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Norway Food Guide: a Tasting Tour


Of all the excellent reasons for visiting Norway, food hardly gets a mention. Compared to the northern lights or the magnificence of the fiords and their charming fishing villages, cuisine seems to take a back seat. Despite which, the Norwegian food scene can be surprisingly agreeable. In a country that extends over more than 385,000 square kilometres with a wide ...

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Doctor Explains Symptoms of Empathic Children


How to determine if your child is an empathy. Empathic children have nervous systems which react more quickly and strongly to external stimuli including stress. In The Empath’s Survival Guide, I emphasize that empath children feel too much but don’t know how to manage the sensory overload. They see more, hear more, smell more, intuit more, and experience emotions more. ...

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LSDM brings Pizza Napoletana in New York


On Thursday 29th June, in a packed room at the Kesté Wall Street restaurant in New York’s glistening financial district, some of Italy’s best pizza makers defended on the city to share their knowledge as part of three days of events organised by LSDM–Le Strade della Mozzarella and sponsored by S.Pellegrino. The event welcomed the likes of Gino Sorbillo and ...

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Sea Urchin From A to Z: 26 Things to Know


Sometimes called “Hedgehog of the Sea,” “Horse Dropping,” or “Red Cloud,” sea urchins have evolved from being cavemen’s feasts to one of the most sought-after ingredients for the world’s most innovative kitchens. This A-to-Z list is a culinary and cultural journey from Japan to Norway, via Vietnam, Australia and the US, in order to answer our fascination with these spiky sea ...

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What is a Fine Dining Restaurant?


A fine dining restaurant is a weaponGastón Acurio What is a fine dining restaurant? Is it the starched white tablecloths and soft colour scheme, Champagne on ice and hovering floor staff in the dining room of Eleven Madison Park in New York, the World’s Best Restaurant 2017? Some would point to it as the very epitome of what a fine ...

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What kind of Facebook user are you?

On an average day, 1.28 billion people check it. Monthly? Nearly 2 billion. And according to one recent estimate, the average Facebook user spends 35 minutes a day on the platform — which makes for a whole lot of daily and monthly minutes. In a recently published study, a trio of Brigham Young University communications professors explores why. “What is ...

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