Felipe Bronze: 'I've Never Felt So Free'


The biggest change in Felipe Bronze’s career happened one year and six months ago, when the Brazilian chef decided to reopen his famous Rio de Janeiro restaurant Oro, but with a totally new concept: he left behind the foams, the liquid nitrogen and the aesthetics-centered recipes to focus on heartier dishes, cooked over fire – an old passion that he ...

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Identita Golose Hits the U.S.


The international culinary congress Identita Golose, sponsored by S.Pellegrino, arrived stateside this month for a series of delicious events held across Chicago, New York and Boston. Identita Golose has been spreading their unique brand of Italian based culinary curiosity for nine years in the U.S and this year’s edition was no different with the likes of Massimo Bottura, Davide Oldani and ...

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Amid decline in international adoptions to U.S., boys outnumber girls for the first time


The number of children from outside the U.S. adopted by Americans continued its steady decline in 2016, according to data from the U.S. Department of State. And for the first time on record, males outnumbered females among adoptees from abroad, a trend driven by changing adoption patterns in China. Americans adopted around 5,370 children from other countries in fiscal year ...

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How Do You Know if You Have High or Low Self-Esteem?


The phrase “self-esteem” is thrown around frequently when discussing mental health. In the 70s, programs in public school systems encouraged children to think better of themselves. They thought having higher esteem would bolster confidence and fight off depression if it was nurtured from an early age. With less negativity surrounding oneself, a child would be able to succeed not only ...

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Cooking the Classics: French Cassoulet


The natural home of cassoulet slow-cooked casserole, is in the Languedoc, in the southwest of France. The town of Castelnaudary claimed to have originated this week’s classic dish. I remember an early holiday with my parents, exploring the neighboring walled city of Carcassone and, of course, stopping for dinner: that was my earliest experience of eating the legendary cassoulet. I ...

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Maine, US: a Fall Tasting Trail


Nowhere evokes the spirit of the open highway like the USA. From Jack Kerouac’s On The Road to Easy Rider, road trips weave deeply into American culture. An American road trip promises hypnotic landscapes, vibrant towns and cities, and fascinating people. But for those who love their food, there’s one trail that’s hard to beat, especially at this time of ...

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Wardrobe Snacks: Dress Like You Eat


The creative duo Terrence Caviar was created by the San Francisco based photographer Kelsey McClellan together with the stylist and art director Michelle Maguire. Inspired by diners lacking a seat at the table, they created the Wardrobe Snacks series, a photographic project that focuses on close-ups of hands holding various types of snacks: from more usual ones, like an ice cream ...

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Food on the Edge 2017: 6 Talking Points


Food on the Edge, the annual food symposium organised by chef JP McMahon, this year drew over 50 of the biggest names in the food world, including chefs, writers, activists and CEOs, and 400-plus attendees to Galway on the rugged West Coast of Ireland, for two days of fruitful food discussion. This was a solutions-oriented coming together. Indeed, one of ...

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Culinary Zinema: Food specials in the San Sebastián Film Festival


Already in its 65th edition, the San Sebastian International Film Festival has been known for its special attention to food films – and it couldn’t be different in a city so devoted to the hedonistic pleasure of eating (from pintxos bars to many starred restaurants). From 23 to 29 September 2017, the Culinary Zinema event gathered directors, producers and chefs ...

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The Science of Melting Sugar


Sweet flavours are inevitably associated with sugar. In scientific terms, sugar is one or more molecules made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These may be single molecules, as in the case of glucose or fructose, or combinations of molecules: sucrose, for instance, consists of a glucose molecule and a fructose molecule bonded together. I have a particular reason for ...

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