Most in former Yugoslavia favor multicultural society, although some tensions remain


The former Yugoslavia spent much of the 1990s in turmoil, with a series of wars taking place amid the country’s breakup into its present-day states – each of which has a distinct ethnic and religious makeup. But a new Pew Research Center survey conducted in the three largest former Yugoslav republics finds that, in general, most people in Bosnia, Croatia ...

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Making Sense of the Hard Times: Situational Depression vs. Clinical Depression


If your teen is experiencing depression, it is likely the first time they have dealt with the overwhelming sensations that come with both situational and clinical depression. One of the ways you can help your child is by helping them recognize the difference between situational depression and clinical depression and understand their form of depression, as the treatment for these ...

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2017 Sony World Photography Awards | Gallery


Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Sony World Photography Awards organised by the World Photography Organization, is one of the world’s leading photography competitions: in 2017, the contest received more than 227,000 images of photographers from 183 countries. Scott Gray, CEO of the World Photography Organisation, has commented: “I am especially proud of this year’s selection of Photographer of the Year. ...

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What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?


What do want to be when you grow up? That was a question posed often when I was a child and even throughout my life. Back then, I had no clue. For a girl growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s, career paths were limited to teacher, nurse, secretary, oh and of course, mother. Rare was the woman who broke the ...

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Around the World in 14 Barbecue Dishes


There are few things as summery as barbecue. As the weather warms, the grass is high and smells sweet, and the long days beg us to remain outdoors as much as possible. This means bringing our cooking outdoors with us. The easiest way to do so is also man’s most primal. Make a fire. Suspend food above the fire. Consume. ...

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The Catastrophic Meal: is this the Future Food?


What we are going to eat in 2067 is not only a topic for gourmets and journalists on the lookout for food trends: questioning ourselves on what future food will be like is not only a matter of taste, but also – and above all – survival. Cooking food is what sets us apart from other animals and has enabled ...

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3 Parenting Tips for Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids


Raise children who are bright, confident, and better able to navigate the intricacies of life. As parents, we want the very best for our kids. We work hard to raise strong individuals who will go on to lead happy lives and have good moral standing. Sometimes, however, we find ourselves questioning our parenting choices, crossing our fingers and hoping we’re ...

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Gregory Czarnecki, a French Touch in South Africa


Though he’s lived in many countries with his travelling family, Chef Gregory Czarnecki, head chef of The Restaurant at Waterkloof, a biodynamic wine farm, draws inspiration from his French background, and the town of Beaune, located in the centre of Burgundy. This, combined with his successful stint in Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris and his magical glass box promontory restaurant set ...

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On gender issues, many in Orthodox Christian countries have conservative views


A substantial share of adults in Central and Eastern Europe hold traditional views of the role of women and the family, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey of 18 nations in the region. This is especially true in the 10 countries surveyed with Orthodox Christian majorities. For instance, majorities of respondents in all 10 of these Orthodox countries agree ...

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Free Webinar: “Failure to Launch” Revisited: Why Young Adults Can’t Break Free


A decade ago we had the “failure to launch 20-somethings” or the “boomerang” kids who came back to live with mom and dad. A kind of “blaming the victim” approach was adopted to say, what’s wrong with these kids, instead of, what’s wrong with the world they live in. We have said it was because there were no jobs or ...

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