HSBC promises $100bn to fight climate change


HSBC has promised $100bn of finance for low-carbon technology and sustainable development by 2025 as part of a package of measures to strengthen its commitment to tackling climate change and other “green” goals. The UK-based bank will also reduce support for coal-fired power generation and increase disclosure of “climate risks” in its lending book under new policies announced on Monday. ...

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Arriving in Japan, Trump projects confidence, says he’ll probably meet Putin during Asia trip


President Trump ramped up his tough rhetoric against North Korea as he arrived in Japan Nov. 5, saying the U.S. and its allies are prepared to defend freedom. (Reuters) TOKYO — President Trump donned a military-style bomber jacket shortly after arriving Sunday in Japan and projected confidence that the United States will confront threats in Asia, telling hundreds of U.S. ...

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Crystal Castles Ethan Kath Sues Alice Glass for Defamation over Rape Allegations


Crystal Castles Ethan Kath Sues Alice Glass Over Rape Allegations 11/3/2017 2:34 PM PDT EXCLUSIVE Ethan Kath, a member of the band Crystal Castles, has filed a defamation lawsuit against a former member who claimed he raped her. Ethan had dated Alice Glass — then a member of the duo — but they broke up and Glass went on the ...

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Half of UK road speed cameras are switched off


Image copyright Getty Images Only around half of fixed speed cameras on British roads are switched on, according to new data. Figures released by 36 police forces in the UK show that of a total 2,838 cameras, just 1,486 – or 52% – are active and catching law-breakers. Some forces have turned all their cameras off, according to information obtained ...

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'Growing Threat': Terrorists Training Children, Even Toddlers, to Kill


A Canadian Muslim told the U.N. Security Council that he’s still haunted by the video of a 3-year-old boy cutting off his teddy bear’s head with a large knife given to him by his parents.   Mubin Shaikh said Muslim terrorist groups deliberately recruit and use children to carry out attacks, build their ranks, and promote their beliefs and agenda. ...

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Small-cap focus: retail energy minnows challenge the big six


Large electricity and gas suppliers in the UK have suffered a torrid year as they deal with a proliferation of challengers trying to undercut them. At the same time, the government has threatened to cap prices for customers on the most common rate in the market, the “standard variable tariff”. Shares in Centrica, owner of British Gas, one of the big ...

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After first saying ‘send him to Gitmo,’ Trump changes his mind about N.Y. terrorism suspect


President Trump tweeted on Nov. 1 that the suspect in New York’s fatal truck attack “should get death penalty.” (Reuters) President Trump on Thursday appeared to rule out sending the New York terrorism suspect to the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, after threatening a day earlier to send the alleged attacker to the detention center. Backing off his initial ...

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Travis Scott, Injured Fan's Own Mom Took Rapper's Side in Concert Lawsuit


Travis Scott Injured Fan’s Own Mom Took Rapper’s Side in Concert Lawsuit 11/2/2017 12:55 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Travis Scott did not incite anyone at his April 30 concert to jump from the balconies, and although an injured fan is now suing the rapper, the fan’s own mom disputed the claim that Travis was responsible. Kyle Green is suing Travis, claiming ...

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WhatsApp fight back


Image copyright Getty Images A series of allegations against prominent men has begun to surface on social media – in all-female groups on WhatsApp, shared Google Docs, and Facebook pages – in the wake of allegations of sexual assault and rape against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Leaks about British politicians have reached political reporters, but there are further allegations about ...

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'If Love Is Love, I Wanna Marry My Child': Australia's Slippery Slope Toward Gay Marriage


SYDNEY, Australia — The same-sex marriage battle has come to Australia as Aussies face the final days of a postal survey to redefine marriage in their country. So far, 75 percent have voted and preliminary results show a majority approving legalized marriage between people of the same sex. The postal survey has drawn controversy across the country but it has ...

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