Trump recycles discredited Islamic pigs’ blood tale after terrorist attack in Barcelona


As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump defended his stance on waterboarding in Charleston, S.C., in February 2016, with a largely discredited story from the internet about killing terrorists with bullets dipped in pigs’ blood. (AP) Hours after an apparent terrorist attack in Barcelona, President Trump on Thursday recycled a largely discredited Internet tale that he promoted on the campaign trail ...

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NFL: Stop Shaming Ezekiel Elliott's Accuser!


NFL Stop Shaming Ezekiel Elliott’s Accuser! 8/16/2017 10:02 AM PDT Breaking News The NFL is calling out the NFL Player’s Association … saying the league has received tips that the NFLPA is going on a smear campaign against Ezekiel Elliott‘s accuser in an effort to exonerate the RB.  Multiple reports have surfaced in the past few days, painting the accuser ...

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Amazon launches Instant Pickup service targeting students


Image copyright Amazon Image caption Amazon is offering certain “essential” items for pickup from self-service lockers within two minutes Amazon has launched a service in the US offering daily “essentials” for collection within two minutes of ordering. The items available in Instant Pickup include snacks, cold drinks, smartphone chargers and Amazon devices. The move poses a threat to bricks-and-mortar convenience ...

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Christianity is Rapidly Growing in Iran


Islamic Clerics are warning against the spread of Christianity in the most Islamic City in Iran.  House churches are hunted down and conversion to Christianity is viewed as an action against national security in Qom, Iran.  Christianity has been growing at a fast rate in the last couple of decades in Iran, that has caused the Islamic government a lot ...

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Wood Group edges closer to Amec takeover


Wood Group’s £2.2bn takeover of its oilfield services rival Amec Foster Wheeler looks likely to gain UK competition clearance after it offered to sell the majority of the target company’s North Sea upstream oil and gas business. The Competition and Markets Authority said on Tuesday it considered there were “reasonable grounds” for believing that the proposal — or a modified version of it ...

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‘New York hates you’: Protesters greet the president at Trump Tower


Protesters gathered outside Trump Tower in Manhattan on Aug. 14, as President Trump arrived back for the first time since being inaugurated into office. (evilevestrikesagain/Instagram) When President Trump returned to his hometown of New York City on Monday night, he received anything but a warm welcome. Trump was returning to his eponymous tower for the first time since being inaugurated. ...

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Ezekiel Elliott Attacked Girlfriend 3 Times, NFL Says


Ezekiel Elliott Attacked Girlfriend 3 Times … NFL Says 8/11/2017 10:08 AM PDT Breaking News Ezekiel Elliott beat up his girlfriend 3 times in the same week … and there are photos that prove it … this according to the NFL. Elliott is facing a 6 game suspension with these charges.  The league laid out its case against Elliott in ...

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HBO hackers leak Curb Your Enthusiasm and Insecure shows


Image copyright HBO Image caption Hackers have leaked unaired episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm scheduled for broadcast in October Hackers have continued to plague HBO by leaking unaired episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm over the weekend. The data dump also included episodes of Insecure, Ballers, Barry, The Deuce, a comedy special and other programming, according to the Associated Press. An ...

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Can US Shoot Down North Korean Missiles? Guam Under Threat


As the war of words between President Trump and North Korea’s dictator intensifies, Pentagon officials tell CBN News the U.S. military stands ready to “fight tonight”. But if North Korea takes aim at the island of Guam, could we defend a missile strike? Pyongyang doubled down on its threats to launch missiles at Guam on Thursday, announcing a potential plan ...

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Russia’s recovering economy fears US sanctions chill


A week after President Donald Trump grudgingly approved fresh US sanctions against Russia, domestic companies and foreign investors are struggling to make sense of their exact consequences — but they already see enough to fear the longer-term chilling effect on an economy starting to recover after two years of recession. Even those sceptical of the sanctions’ true reach are concerned ...

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