The Top 12 RSS Plugins for WordPress


WordPress and RSS go together like ham and cheese, but there are always ways to make the combination that much better and make sure you know exactly how well you are doing.  The following 12 plugins will help you add information to your feeds, manage your subscribers and view statistics on how you’re performing. All of these plugins are supposed ...

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Slow Feed Movement: 7 Tools to Filter the RSS Flood


For the last couple of days we’ve been asking people: how do you cope with all the info that bombards you through your RSS feeds, Twitter and similar services? When you’re young and eager to soak in as much info as you can, you’re happy to be flooded with the stuff. But, it can’t go on forever. So, how do ...

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Top 10 News Readers Judged by Mashable Readers


By Barb Dybwad2009-11-20 16:47:41 UTC Each Friday we choose a Lunchtime Poll topic to get a sense of how Mashable readers feel about the chosen topic of the week. Below are the results from last Friday’s poll, where we asked for your favorite news reader. Is your favorite app or service not represented in the list? Let us know in ...

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HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Google Reader


The real-time web is becoming an increasingly important source of news, but many users still prefer to receive their content the old-fashioned way: Through a steady diet of RSS feeds. One of the best news readers out there is the web-based Google Reader. Although simple in appearance, it has some features under the hood that can help you greatly improve ...

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Ocean Five Vanuatu Sports Fishing Tale!


Vanuatu over the years has been well known for it’s world class Blue Marlin and drag scorching Dogtooth Tuna. The fish species don’t just stop at those with anglers being fortunate to fish Vanuatu for a variety of bluewater and sports fish species available all year round. This August we had the pleasure in welcoming five mates, Steve Rezo, Ante Pavkovic, ...

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Mashable Weekend Recap: 29 Stories You May Have Missed


It was a weekend for the record books. The FIFA World Cup Final made some big news this weekend with Japan beating USA in the final match Sunday. We saw tons of people commenting on the outcome of the game on their social channels, and as it turned out, Twitter users set a new record with the number of tweets ...

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The Mayan Calendar — Process of Transition


   As we’ve seen, the Mayan Calendar is a chart of the evolution of consciousness in the universe. Each Cycle or Age has its own dominant paradigm or point of view. As you move up through the 9 Cycles, new perspectives and new ways of being arise. This new perspective starts to show up in the world, but it isn’t ...

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“Yes” to couples that fish together!


Have you ever set out a bucket list of things you’ll always want to do with your partner? Ie: Escape on a fishing holiday together; Hook up and eat your catch; Take pictures together with your trophy fish; Create memorable memories; Share your passion together! We appreciate how tough it can be for couples to balance their fishing passion with the ...

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5 News Personalization Tools Bring You Only The Stories You Want


Connie Zheng is a PR professional at North of Nine Communications, an innovation communications boutique dedicated to helping clients distinguish their brands in unique ways. You can follow her on Twitter at @chasinggodot. So much information, so little time. How can you organize and stay on top of news? Below you’ll find five methods to help aggregate the news that’s ...

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What the future holds for a baby girl born in 2014


With average Irish female life expectancy now at 83 years, experts reveal what changes ‘Emily’ can expect to live through Meet Emily, a newborn Irish girl. (We’re calling her Emily because it was the most popular Irish girl’s name last year, according to CSO statistics released last Friday.) With average Irish female life expectancy now at 83 years, Emily will ...

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