Draw Abstract Art with a Random Number Generator


Read articles from the magazine right here on Make:. Don’t have a subscription yet? Get one today. Randomness has always fascinated me. Pretty sure it fascinates a bunch of other people too, especially those who try to keep our personal information secure. And oh yeah, Las Vegas. So I was very interested in an article on an electronic random number ...

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Hands on with the RePhone, the Modular Wearable Cell Phone


On Tuesday Seeed Studio kicked off a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the RePhone. Reminiscent of Project Ara, Google’s much hyped but much delayed effort to build a smart phone you could assemble piece-by-piece, the RePhone is a modular phone built from open source and open hardware components. While it was on display, before it even launched on Kickstarter, to those attending the Open Hardware ...

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Show Off Your Projects and Help Solve Problems on Maker Share


Read articles from the magazine right here on Make:. Don’t have a subscription yet? Get one today. There’s a story behind every project. Each is a reflection of its creator’s life experience and imagination and mindset; understanding the “why” driving a project can be as powerful and interesting as observing the final product itself. Maker Share exists to help makers ...

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Startup Offers Free Sensors to 150,000 Schools Across U.S. and Canada


Maker Faire Ottawa, Canada’s first featured Maker Faire, is being held in the Aberdeen Pavilion, Lansdowne Park, on the 7th and 8th of November, 2015. Today, at Maker Faire Ottawa, a local startup called Beagle Sense announced their Young Innovator’s program offering free Internet of Things sensors to schools. Beagle Sense has produced a range of  modular wireless sensors that capture environmental ...

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Maker Spotlight: The Kratz-Gullickson Family


Names: Jason, Jamie, and Liberty Kratz-Gullickson Home: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin Day Jobs: Jamie is a retired Executive Director for a domestic violence shelter and program, who currently homeschools and helps out at the YMCA. Jason is a Platform Consultant for Propeller Health. Liberty is a homeschool sophomore. Jason’s Blog | Flickr Albums How did you get started making? Jason started making ...

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Join The Street Team, Earn Tickets To Maker Faire Bay Area


This year’s Maker Faire is going to be bigger and better than any before. It won’t be possible without the help of our “Street Team” spreading the excitement. The Maker Faire Street Team passes out fliers, stickers, and business cards to expose new people to the Maker Faire. It is easy, fun, and can earn you two adult tickets to the ...

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Maker Pro News: Graffiti (Jewelry) for Good, Counterfeit Detectives, and More


You’re reading our weekly Maker Pro Newsletter, which focuses on the impact of makers in business and technology. Our coverage includes hardware startups, new products, incubators, and innovators, along with technology and market trends. Subscribe today and never miss a post. “But that doesn’t mean Americans don’t make things anymore.” – Pew Research Maker Pros Working for Social Good For a compelling ...

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The Spaceballs Winnebago Has Been Dronified


View post on Spaceballs is the best parody film of all time. Mel Brooks’ genius mocking of Star Wars features hilarious variations of every piece of George Lucas’ galaxy, with Han and Luke combining into the character of Lone Starr, C3PO becoming Dot Matrix, Darth Vadar as Dark Helmet, and so on. Even the Millennium Falcon gets a makeover, going ...

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The Garbage Art and DIY Instruments of a Swamp Yankee


Editor’s Note: After seeing and hearing the unique musical output of Matt Lorenz, “The Suitcase Junket”, we were enthralled. We asked him to explain a bit about his background and how the act of making has influenced him and he delivered this wonderful piece, which we decided to publish in its entirety.  The first time I heard the term “Swamp ...

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Live Updates: National Maker Faire 2016


This weekend, we celebrate the second annual National Maker Faire, in Washington D.C.. The gathering of makers of all sorts is accompanied by numerous activities and announcements. We’ll keep you updated with a close-up look at it all here — keep refreshing to get the latest. As Makey the Robot takes his bow, National Maker Faire 2016 is a wrap. ...

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