This Week in Making: Sony’s New Dev Board, Continuous Belt Printers, and More


The Spritzer Sony showcased a brand new development board called the Spritzer at Maker Faire Tokyo last weekend. Designed for IoT applications, the Spritzer comprises a range of smart functionality (such as integrated GPS and an advanced digital audio codec and amplifier). The Spritzer looks to be versatile, featuring a processing chip with a unique combination of low power consumption ...

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Weekend Watch: The Eclectic Projects of Andrew Setters


By day, Andrew Setters is an award-winning local reporter for WLWT in Cincinnati, OH. By night, he takes to his home shop to work on projects and to document them for his YouTube channel. Like many YouTube makers, Andrew does a lot of woodworking projects, things like pallet-wood and tchotchke shelves, wooden storage carts, and serving trays, but he’s not ...

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Should Your Project Have a Code of Conduct for Contributors? Yes


The topic of inclusiveness and conduct in regards to the maker, hacker, and tech community in general is complex to say the least. Not only is there the real-life side of workforce discrimination, there is also the fact that much of this community lives in the digital world, where our real selves are hidden behind internet personae. It’s the perfect ...

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Adam Savage Nerds Out Over Vinyl Record-Making with Jack White


In this wonderful and inspiring Tested video, our favorite Virgil of science and technology, Adam Savage, takes us on a journey into the world of Jack White’s Third Man Records in Detroit, Michigan. In the almost 30-minute episode, Adam records a song, talks with Jack White (former White Stripe’s frontman, now record company frontman) about the existential pleasures of analog ...

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Maker Faire Beijing 2017 Focuses on the Evolution of the Maker Movement


Three years ago, a dedicated team of organizers from Beijing Gehua Design Co. Ltd. came together to organize the very first Maker Faire in Beijing. With only a few short months to plan, they put together a show that featured the hard work of 300 makers and drew the interest of 10,000 attendees. Amazing for a first-time event! The strong support from ...

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Photo-Etching and Soldering Your Own Brass Model Parts


If you’re a fan of highly-detailed scale modeling, you may already be aware of the YouTube channel PLASMO (Plastic Models), a consistently mind-blowing video tutorial series hosted by Czech modeling wizard David Damek. David builds planes, tanks, cars, gaming miniatures, dioramas, you name it. His model building, painting, and finishing prowess is impressive, but where your jaw ends up on ...

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Airlab Helps Materials Engineers Become Better Makers


Before I dive into the details, I should note that there could possibly be misunderstandings on my part. Airlab is in China and translating from Chinese involves much more than simply converting words. There are meanings and concepts that I may misunderstand, especially being a model of organization that is new to me, in an industry with which I’m unfamiliar. ...

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This Week in Making: Cardboard Kirby, 3D Printed Google Glass Headset, and More


Cardboard Kirby A Japanese creator that goes by RMX_Dice (@rmx_dice) online, built a Kirby out of layers of cardboard. They started and finished the work last spring, but Kirby was still connected to a back slab at the time. 📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦 — あいすだいす (@rmx_dice) March 29, 2017 RMX_Dice just completed a new Kirby this past week that can stand on ...

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Weekend Watch: The Madcap Robot World of Junie Genius


It’s amazing to think about what tools for creativity and self-expression young people have today. A precocious and ambitious teen with a home computer, a phone cam, and something to say (and the talent to say it) can really make his or her mark on the online mediascape. And thus, a million YouTube video stars are born. It’s also heartening ...

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This Baby Grand Piano Can Play Pinball All By Itself


Sudhu Tewari has a knack for taking completely ordinary things and transforming them into anything but. His Prepared Player Piano Pinball System (PPPPS) is one of his wackier inventions. Tewari describes it as “a self-governing, robotic” machine, but admits that description merely glosses over its madness. Photos by Carly McLane The piano can play itself. An elevator constructed from a ...

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