Learn Skills the Superhero Way with Maker Comics


When learning to make stuff, it is always important to find the method of learning that suits your style and skill level best. Sometimes that means a complex demonstration of technical methods, other times it means some inspirational comics. The Maker Comics series is being released to help inform and inspire those that are learning to construct their own things. ...

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Maker Spotlight: Victor Ciccarelli


Is there an interdisciplinary nature to invention through what we know as the Maker Movement? Victor Ciccarelli of STEAM Maker Workshop gives an emphatic, “Yes! Absolutely. At 50 years old, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up as soon as I stepped foot in my first San Mateo Maker Faire. That was four years ago, and ...

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Weekend Watch: Gaming Terrain with Vee, The Crafting Muse


As we’ve talked about before here on Make: before, there is a growing category of making that has been dubbed “dungeon crafting.” Dungeon crafting covers any building and crafting of components to be used in Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying and tabletop sci-fi and fantasy games. While the traditional crafting space is predominantly women, so far, dungeon crafting has ...

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Quick Modeling Tip: Sprue Makes Great Greeble!


Many of us who do any sort of modeling–scale modeling, kitbashing, F/X modeling for film, and modeling for tabletop miniature gaming–know about the wonders of greeble. What is greeble, you ask? Make a spaceship out of cardboard or plastic card. It can be the coolest shape, the best fabrication job, but with nothing but smooth surfaces, your ship will not ...

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This Week in Making: Visit World Maker Faire New York, Make a Smarter Home, and More


Safe for the Whole Family Sugru, the company responsible for the world’s first mouldable glue that sticks to pretty much anything, just released a brand new formula that’s both family-safe and skin-friendly. The company hopes this new formula will get younger people fixing and making things. Both versions of the glue will remain on the market; the major difference between ...

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Quick Tip: Make a Guitar Practice Amp for Under $35


Make: contributor I-Wei Huang (he of Crabfu Steamworks and Skylanders fame) sent us this cool little hack which allows you to turn an inexpensive plug-in guitar headphone amp and a vibration speaker into a practice amp. I-Wei plugged his VOX AP2AC amPlug AC30 G2 guitar headphone amp into his acoustic guitar. Then he plugged an XDREAM X-Vibe vibration speaker into ...

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Maker Spotlight: Elizabeth Kruger


Name: Elizabeth Kruger Home: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Facebook | Instagram How did you get started making? I attended an anime convention, Anime Milwaukee, in 2013, and was inspired by all the amazing outfits on display. I used the ensuing year to learn a little (very little) about sewing, which I’d never tried before, and wore my first cosplay at Anime Milwaukee ...

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Hackheim at Trondheim


This post is coming to you live from Maker Faire Trondheim being held in the town square here in Trondheim, Norway. The Hackheim Makerspace, based here in Trondheim, has a big presence here at Maker Faire Trondheim and have brought a number of projects along to the faire. Amongst them was an interactive augmented reality sandbox based around the work done at UC Davis, which ...

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See a Light Show at Grand Central Station Celebrating Women in STEM


For over a hundred years, commuters and tourists passing through New York City’s Grand Central Station have walked beneath a starry mural. In just a few days, some new constellations will be added to the mural with projection mapped lights and animation. This art installation is called “Unseen Stars” and it celebrates women who have made significant contributions to the ...

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The Eclipses of Maker Faire


Total lunar eclipse from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington, on Oct. 27, 2004. (Credit: U.S. Navy/Scott Taylor) Tonight the Moon will enter Earth’s shadow, creating a total lunar eclipse that will be visible as attendees and Makers stream away from the sixth annual World Maker Faire here in New York. Beginning at 8:11 p.m., reaching maximum extent just over two hours ...

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