Weekend Watch: Steampunk Prop Building with “It’s a Trap!”


Love Halloween? Love making? Check out our special Halloween issue for more projects to scare and delight! Available now online or in print at fine retailers everywhere If you’d like to make a steampunk-themed costume for Halloween this year, the “It’s A Trap!” (IAT) channel is a great resource for ideas and techniques. Their “Prop-building guides” playlist contains helmets, masks, and ...

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Sam Pynn on When to Stop Painting a Slanted Ceiling


Flashback to when Sam Pynn settled a cohabitation dispute involving a slanted popcorn ceiling, that went a little something like this… From Marilyn: This is a bedroom that is going to be painted soon and there is a disagreement about the slanted portion as to whether it should be painted as part of the wall or as part of the ...

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Ideas on How To Change Your Outdoor Living Style


It is rightly said “Home Sweet Home”, where you come back for relaxation, family time, protection and comfort. Your dream house can look even more beautiful when you decorate your patio and backyards with the coolest ideas available and you will never need to find a place to party again. Outdoor furniture can be pricey but is definitely worth if ...

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Six Reasons for Choosing Offsite Storage in Older Homes and Bathroom Renovations


With time, you will find that your old house has a lot of unused furniture that has accumulated and cluttered your home. Your house will even be considered unsightly by many people. This is why you will need a storage space away from your home and garage. These are the reasons why on offsite garage is great for storage in ...

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Live Updates: National Maker Faire 2016


This weekend, we celebrate the second annual National Maker Faire, in Washington D.C.. The gathering of makers of all sorts is accompanied by numerous activities and announcements. We’ll keep you updated with a close-up look at it all here — keep refreshing to get the latest. As Makey the Robot takes his bow, National Maker Faire 2016 is a wrap. ...

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Selfie Robot Combines Oversized Papercrafting and Raspberry Pi Photo Booth


At the Ozarks Mini Maker Faire this last weekend (September 10), the Maker Faire robot mascot, Makey, was making a lot of friends. This project was the idea of Jeremy Medley. He was talking to me at a Maker Faire meeting explaining that he wanted to replicate our Raspberry Pi Photobooth. He was talking about putting it into a big ...

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Hire a Professional Designer or DIY – Bad Design is Not an Option!


A small business needs a lot of visibility to enjoy moderate to high levels of success. Branding for small sized firms invariably becomes a must since design is crucial for brands and business. As a small business that’s just starting out in the market, there are a lot of considerations that managers from these firms have regarding design, budgets and ...

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How to Fix a Leaky Faucet


Whether it’s the annoyance of a persistent drip or water pooling around your faucet handles, the cause is a leaky faucet. Here are a few easy steps to fix it. 1) Assemble the necessary tools. For this task, you will need: Pliers, adjustable wrench, or Allen wrenches Screwdriver Calcium remover Needle nose pliers Utility knife Faucet replacement parts 2)   Shut ...

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Open Shelving Vs. Cabinets: What’s Right For You?

Open Shelving Vs Cabinets

We spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in the home. It’s important that both style and function are incorporated. If you’re keeping up with current kitchen trends, you likely already know that shades of white, subway tile and natural elements are in. If you’re trying to achieve this fashionable look yourself, you’re likely considering open shelving. ...

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Guest Post: Make A Topsy Turvey Planter From A Plastic Soda Bottle!


Today’s guest post is brought to you by Amida who writes at the wonderful blog, Journey Into Unschooling. Here she shows you a great way to re-use plastic soda bottles or juice cartons to create an upside-down tomato planter! I’ve always been fascinated with growing tomatoes upside-down, but, $19.99 (which was what my local garden supply store was selling it ...

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