Telling Stories with 21st Century Pop-Up Books


Last week, I did a post-Faire piece about the little things at a Maker Faire that are easy to overlook. One of the reasons for this is that there’s so much inspirational eye- and brain-candy at a Faire, that it becomes hard to know where to look. The bigger, louder, sexier exhibits tend to draw your eye and your attention. ...

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The Cybernetics of Knitting


One of the coolest wearable art pieces at World Maker Faire 2016 was Teresa Lamb’s Cyberknitics. Teresa built a harness with embedded sensors and electronics that tracks the motion of her hands as she knits and translates that motion into music. Because knitting is a rhythmic process, you can hear that rhythm in the resulting sound that’s generated. On here ...

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Maker Spotlight: Scatha G. Allison


Name: Scatha G. AllisonCity: Sacramento, CaliforniaMakerspace(s): The Crucible, Maker Faire, Crocker Art Museum, YBAC, The Luggage Store Gallery, Telus Spark Calgary, SubZero Festival, SOMArts Gallery, The Exploratorium, Priceless, Burning ManDay Job: Neocouture clothing designer and artist, artwear and author of DIY book Jean Therapy How’d you get started making? Originally I was a painter and fine artist, working in two-dimensional work, ...

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Cut and Glue a Simple, Spooky Lantern for Halloween


SUPPLIES NEEDED: 2 sheets of 8.5″×11″ cardstock (Orange, Purple, RED or Green) 1 sheet of 8.5″×11″ vellum (Orange, Purple, RED or Green) Exacto knife Glue Inkjet printer Step 1. Print lantern.pdf on 8.5″×11″ sheets of cardstock (purple, red, green or orange recommended). There are other patterns available both free and for purchase on our site Note: Do not print on black cardstock. ...

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Maker Spotlight: Amanda Cole


Name: Amanda ColeHometown: Saylorsburg, PADay Job: electrical engineering student Penn State, lab assistant in the physics departmentMakerspace: back home at my desk Electronics : Yarncraft : Coding What type of maker would you classify yourself as? One of the reasons why I love making is that I enjoy learning new skills. I’m kind of an all-over-the-place, or perhaps more accurately, ...

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Build and Wire a Toy Music Sequencer


This simple sequencer lets babies play with shapes, sounds, and lights, while it also teaches older kids the basics of electronic music — and secretly you’ll have lots of fun with it yourself. I wanted to make a unique present to give my daughter for her first birthday, a musical toy that she could sit down and play with immediately but ...

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Old Circuit Boards Are Reimagined as Sarcophagi and Ancient Monuments


Tucked away in the Catskill Mountains lies Theo Kamecke’s studio, home to an impressively well-stocked library of vintage circuit boards. Kamecke doesn’t organize the boards by function or manufacturer, but with words like “serpentine” and “geometric” that convey their look and feel. Decades ago, when miniaturization began to shrink the beautiful patterns to near invisibility, Kamecke realized these “fossils” of ...

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5 Cosplay Communities to Source Your Halloween Costume Inspiration


Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking of costumes. For those wanting to create their own, gathering inspiration from cosplay communities is a great way to start. Whether you want to build props, hone your sewing skills, or perfect a makeup style, these resources will you help out. The Geeky Seamstress Mindy Tomlin started ...

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The Gorgeous Kinetic Table Art of Bruce Shapiro


Every year at World Maker Faire, we make sure to feature something extra special in the foyer of the New York Hall of Science building, the centerpiece of the fairgrounds. This year, that honor goes to artist Bruce Shapiro and his very impressive Sisyphus project. Sisyphus is a series of kinetic art sand tables. Many people, on first glance, mistake ...

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Weekend Watch: Leather Masks by Angelic Artisan


Masks have a certain allure. They don’t just hide our faces, they can show something more, allow people to take on new roles. Angela Sasser has felt this allure as well. First, she was just attracted to the imagery and symbology associated with masks, but eventually that interest grew to include making masks themselves. I’ve always loved masks as symbolic ...

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