Landscaping – Keeping your Yard in Good Condition


After accomplishing the challenging task of constructing your home, the next area of focus is your yard. The importance of landscaping goes beyond creating a beautiful yard. There are situations where completing your home puts a dent in your budget and diminishes your ability to landscape properly. You may consider an attempt to handle landscaping on your own on a ...

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Carve A Jack-O’-Lantern Zoetrope


Tired of having to choose just one face for your jack-o’-lantern? Why not give your jack-o’-lantern the ability to express a multitude of emotions by bringing it to life as a zoetrope animation! There are so many ways to make and display a jack-o’-lantern, and while this project may not be ideal for the front porch, it’s a great way ...

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8 Factors to Consider before Starting a Landscaping Project


Everyone dreams of owning a beautiful home with elegant landscape designs. Unfortunately, few individualize their dreams. To be among the happy home owners, consider the following factors: What is the intended use and purpose? Determine why you need to have that garden or that particular landscape design. It must make sense to you and your consultant. Is it for swimming, ...

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Quick Tip: Balance Your Overhead Camera Rig with Counterweights


Since I began making content for YouTube, I have often needed to shoot from an overhead perspective to capture stop motion animations or to provide the correct view when explaining detailed builds. At first I considered building a pretty typical overhead camera support frame. However, since I use our kitchen table for all my shoots, I would be forced to ...

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How to Choose, Store, and Care for Costume Wigs


(c) Jack F – Adobe Stock A good wig can take your costume from just-kinda-accurate to totally recognizable. But, if your wig is misshapen or worn incorrectly, it can be more of a distraction than anything else. There are a few main types of wigs you can choose from, and learning the proper styling techniques will have you doing the perfect ...

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Halloween Contest! Show Us Your Haunted House and Costume Tutorials


Halloween is almost here! Of course, we’re excited since Halloween is a holiday that many many makers go all out for, pulling off their biggest make of the year. This year we’re getting in on the fun with a Halloween Contest! We have two fun categories for you to enter : Haunted House Costumes & Makeup Keep in mind, your ...

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Weekend Watch: Epic Haunted House Builds from “Scary Lady Videos”


Terra is one scary lady. The creator behind Scary Lady Videos has been posting videos of her haunted house projects for years and has accumulated an extremely long playlist of spooky project tutorials. These video aren’t just informative, but fun to watch. You can tell from the way Terra talks about her craft, just how much pleasure she takes in ...

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Recreate the Spooky Spell Book from Hocus Pocus


Check out our special Halloween issue for more projects to scare and delight! Available online and at fine retailers. BOOOOK! You can’t deny that Hocus Pocus is one of the season’s favorite films. Now you can make your own enchanted spell book like the one from the movie. Take a few minutes to make this craft with just a handful ...

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The Most Important Step to Treating Stains That Everyone Forgets


Laundry. You either love doing it or loathe it with a passion. As far as chores go, it’s really just tossing it into a machine that does all the work so why all the hate? Really, though, your beloved washing machine shouldn’t be doing everything. There are some things you can be doing to help the process along and make ...

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Hone Your Cosplay Skills with Humble Bundle Deal and Shawn Thorsson Livestream!


Sometimes you want to own something that doesn’t exist. You’ve seen it in a movie or TV show, or maybe a comic book or manga, but it’s not real. When you figure out how to make your own props and costumes in cosplay, you can have everything that you want that isn’t real. You can actually pull an item into existence. “Unlike the mere ...

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