My Bad Back and I Tried Out a Bed-in-a-Box and Here’s What Happened


Image courtesy of Casper  What’s a bed-in-a-box? In the last few years there’s been a mini-revolution in the business of retailing mattresses. Companies such as Casper (one of the first) and its contemporary Leesa, followed by (strikingly) similar brands such as Endy (Canadian) and Yogabed, have made it their fight to do away with the ‘nuisance’ of shopping for a ...

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The Eclipses of Maker Faire


Total lunar eclipse from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington, on Oct. 27, 2004. (Credit: U.S. Navy/Scott Taylor) Tonight the Moon will enter Earth’s shadow, creating a total lunar eclipse that will be visible as attendees and Makers stream away from the sixth annual World Maker Faire here in New York. Beginning at 8:11 p.m., reaching maximum extent just over two hours ...

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Deceptive Desserts: Christine H. McConnell’s World of Creepy, Fantastical Food


Deceptive Desserts is available to now! Perhaps you’ve seen some of Christine McConnell’s work online. She’s become well-known for her monstrous desserts, which have gone viral a number of times. Her cakes often look like they could bite and feature appendages like tentacles and insectoid legs. The photos she stages to display these treats are two parts horror, one part ...

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Toronto Outraged Over Amazing “Boat” Treehouse


Image courtesy of Peter J. Thompson/National Post  Toronto-based John Alpeza built his kids the backyard treehouse of their dreams but got an ugly wake-up call when he was told by the city to dismantle it. A general contractor, Alpeza invested three years in the 32m² (108 square feet) cedar structure’s elaborate construction, spending an estimated $30,000 in materials alone. His ...

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Hands on with the RePhone, the Modular Wearable Cell Phone


On Tuesday Seeed Studio kicked off a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the RePhone. Reminiscent of Project Ara, Google’s much hyped but much delayed effort to build a smart phone you could assemble piece-by-piece, the RePhone is a modular phone built from open source and open hardware components. While it was on display, before it even launched on Kickstarter, to those attending the Open Hardware ...

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The Art of Japanese Marquetry


West of Tokyo, in the shadow of Mt. Fuji, the small mountain town of Hakone, Japan, is known for its legendary hot springs, but it also gives its name to a special type of woodcraft known as Hakone Yosegi-zaiku. Yosegi-zaiku is a kind of parquetry featureing elaborate inlaid, geometric mosaic designs. Hakone Yosegi-zaiku makes use of the diversity and great ...

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Scott McGillivray Says Do This with Old Kitchen Cabinets


The man who needs no introduction, Scott McGillivray, is flashing his irresistible smile in our super exciting new series Home To Win! To bring you even more of the hosts you love, we’re revisiting some of their most popular advice in our Design Dilemma series, beginning with the time that Jen Z. wrote in to ask Scott for his advice ...

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Startup Offers Free Sensors to 150,000 Schools Across U.S. and Canada


Maker Faire Ottawa, Canada’s first featured Maker Faire, is being held in the Aberdeen Pavilion, Lansdowne Park, on the 7th and 8th of November, 2015. Today, at Maker Faire Ottawa, a local startup called Beagle Sense announced their Young Innovator’s program offering free Internet of Things sensors to schools. Beagle Sense has produced a range of  modular wireless sensors that capture environmental ...

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Fan-Made Transformers Movie Celebrates Cosplay and Practical Effects


It all started when I saw the Arizona Autobots facebook page where they show their amazing Cosplay transformers. What really attracted me was how faithful they stayed to the original Transformers cartoon designs, complete with painted on reflections on Prime’s chest. I just had to get these robots out to the desert and have them start punching each other. The ...

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Sam Pynn’s Advice for a Dated Stucco Facade


David from Toronto wrote in to looking to get advice on siding options for his family home. David and I exchanged a few emails when he pulled out the real talk and confessed that his wife is less than happy with the new black windows he convinced her on, and that if we don’t help him make a cladding ...

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