Join The Street Team, Earn Tickets To Maker Faire Bay Area


This year’s Maker Faire is going to be bigger and better than any before. It won’t be possible without the help of our “Street Team” spreading the excitement. The Maker Faire Street Team passes out fliers, stickers, and business cards to expose new people to the Maker Faire. It is easy, fun, and can earn you two adult tickets to the ...

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Maker Pro News: Graffiti (Jewelry) for Good, Counterfeit Detectives, and More


You’re reading our weekly Maker Pro Newsletter, which focuses on the impact of makers in business and technology. Our coverage includes hardware startups, new products, incubators, and innovators, along with technology and market trends. Subscribe today and never miss a post. “But that doesn’t mean Americans don’t make things anymore.” – Pew Research Maker Pros Working for Social Good For a compelling ...

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The Spaceballs Winnebago Has Been Dronified


View post on Spaceballs is the best parody film of all time. Mel Brooks’ genius mocking of Star Wars features hilarious variations of every piece of George Lucas’ galaxy, with Han and Luke combining into the character of Lone Starr, C3PO becoming Dot Matrix, Darth Vadar as Dark Helmet, and so on. Even the Millennium Falcon gets a makeover, going ...

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The Garbage Art and DIY Instruments of a Swamp Yankee


Editor’s Note: After seeing and hearing the unique musical output of Matt Lorenz, “The Suitcase Junket”, we were enthralled. We asked him to explain a bit about his background and how the act of making has influenced him and he delivered this wonderful piece, which we decided to publish in its entirety.  The first time I heard the term “Swamp ...

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Live Updates: National Maker Faire 2016


This weekend, we celebrate the second annual National Maker Faire, in Washington D.C.. The gathering of makers of all sorts is accompanied by numerous activities and announcements. We’ll keep you updated with a close-up look at it all here — keep refreshing to get the latest. As Makey the Robot takes his bow, National Maker Faire 2016 is a wrap. ...

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Weekend Watch: Tinkering and Stop Motion with Dina Aamin


It’s amazing to be introduced to video work as creative, clever, and well done as Dina Aamin’s and then to see that she only has 374 subscribers to her channel and most of her videos have gotten only a few hundred views. Her Instagram channel, which she’s maintained longer than YouTube, is more popular, with over 6500 followers. Dina is ...

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June 3 Marks Nine Years of the RI Mini Maker Faire


  On June 3, 2017, a Mini Maker Faire returns to Rhode Island for the 9th year. And even though no time machines were involved, this is our state’s 11th Mini Maker Faire. If you know how small our state is, you might wonder why we need two Mini Maker Faires. The answer would take more words that I’m going ...

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Fold Up a Jumping Origami Frog with LED Eyes


Read articles from the magazine right here on Make:. Don’t have a subscription yet? Get one today. Light-up origami designs have been around for a while — but this adorable jumping frog takes it to new levels. Press the frog down, and the LED eyes start to glow. Release the frog, and it leaps across the table. If you’re lucky, ...

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MegaBet: Inside MegaBot’s Journey to Launch a Giant Combat Robot League


Read articles from the magazine right here on Make:. Don’t have a subscription yet? Get one today. The MegaBots shop is located in an easily overlooked industrial area one exit before the bridge that takes you from the suburban East Bay into the gleam of Silicon Valley. There are no visible windows, just a building with a solid door and ...

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Maker Spotlight: Bryan Cera


Name: Bryan Cera Home: Calgary, AB, Canada Day Job: Professor in Object Making and Emerging Technologies at the Alberta College of Art and Design Instagram How did you get started making? My roots as a maker are in drawing and music. These two passions led me to try animation, which in turn – in the digital age we live in ...

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