Fighting Bots, Pinball, Emulators, and More at Maker Faire Denver


Despite Colorado’s massive maker community, Maker Faire Denver only became a featured faire as of this year. Sparkfun’s annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition, a multifaceted robotics competition with a heavy dose of humor thrown in, is partially responsible for this. There are three different competitions in the AVC: Speed Demons (vehicles must get around the course as fast as they can ...

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Cast Your Own Stamps to Put Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill


The United States treasury has been talking about updating our paper currency for quite some time. Most countries around the world regularly update their money to incorporate different designs, act as a security precaution against counterfeiters, and honor people from their culture. In 2016, it was announced that Harriet Tubman would be residing on the new $20 bill. The front ...

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5 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom in to the Perfect Spa


Do you sometimes feel the day weighing on you? Do you at times just wish to cozy up and spend hours in a musical seclusion? Do you want to just soak in some bubbly hot water and sip wine forever? Is it just me or are you also thinking about going to a spa? I sure am tired of paying ...

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Cast a Pixelated, Glowing Centipede Costume for Halloween


Last year after Halloween, our family came up with the crazy idea of making an 8-bit looking Centipede Halloween costume inspired by the movie Pixels and the classic arcade game. The costume would be wearable, illuminated from within by RGB LEDs, and even change colors like in the movie and video game. Over the years I’ve made a few small ...

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6 Signs to Know That Your Kitchen Needs Remodeling


All of our homes need a bit of a remodel every now and then. And that’s the most accurate in our kitchens. This is the one room in our home where we spend most of our time – cooking meals, preparing our kid’s lunches, and eating that midnight snack that you shouldn’t have. That means that your kitchen can get ...

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This Lemonade “Stand” Is a Giant Drivable Lemon


After building his amazing submarine crib, video game artist Rob Adams decided to move on to his next challenge: a mobile lemonade stand. Adams says that: I wanted to come up with a cool vehicle-based way for my kid to interact with the community. I thought about other ideas like a tiny taco truck shaped like a taco, and an ...

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Build a Chair Workshops Bring Hope to Thomasville’s Maker Community


Thomasville Furniture began as Thomasville Chair Company in 1904, making 500 to 1000 chairs a day by 1905. With over 5000 employees at the peak, Thomasville Furniture earned an international reputation for producing quality furniture. However, that did not last. Thomasville Furniture fell apart when the manufacturing companies migrated to China. By 2010, every chair and furniture production company in Thomasville ceased all operations, dispelling the ...

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Making Sense of the Confusing Landscape of Embroidery Software


Last year I discovered that computerized embroidery machines are quite cheap and very fun to play with. I was delighted by my Brother SE400, but was also very frustrated with the software ecosystem for embroidery. In this article I’m going to attempt to help you figure out which software you need to try out. Before we jump into that, we should ...

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Amazing Star Wars K-2SO Robot Make-Up Tutorial


MsMaoMaoz is a YouTuber and Instructables member who does dramatic and astonishing costume make-up tutorials. In this video (and accompanying Instructable), she shows you how she achieved a very convincing K-2SO, the former Imperial security droid reprogrammed to serve the resistance in Star Wars: Rogue One. The wonderful thing about methodical, well-done tutorials like this, with videos, step-by-step photos, and ...

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This Week in Making: Sword from RWBY, Paper Lamps, and Video Game Maker


Geek Culture Come to Life Man At Arms: Reforged, the group of blacksmiths, wood carvers, and metal workers that operate on the AWE me YouTube channel, is known for replicating weapons, armor, and props from popular cartoons, anime, video games, movies, and other pieces of geek culture. This time they made a sword. This past week, Man At Arms posted ...

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