This Band Goes Multi-Sensory with Interactive Lights and Beer


When you see the music video for the latest song from The Lights Out , you’ll think this band is out of this world. This is fitting since their album, T.R.I.P. (short for “The Reckonings in Pandimensionality”), features songs that are styled as reports from alternate realities. For the release of this album the band is taking a multisensory approach. ...

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Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday with a Giant Cardboard Maple Leaf


For us Canadians, we all know why 2017 is a big important year in our history. For our American friends and international colleagues, if you don’t already know, this year marks the 150th birthday of Canada. It was on July 1st, 1867 that the Dominion of Canada officially became a nation with the unification of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and ...

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Bayview Boom Teaches Teens How to Build Their Own Boombox


This post was originally published as part of a series on the Burning Man Journal for National Week of Making profiling civically minded makers in and around the Burning Man community. Feature photo by Hanah Letran John Weiss has transformed his life-long passion for tinkering into a project that teaches at-risk teens how to make their own boomboxes. Tagged as the “engineering ...

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Building a 13-Foot Long Robot Dinosaur “Watcher” Costume from Horizon Zero Dawn


This year at E3, a massive annual video game conference, attendees had a special treat. There was a life-sized Watcher from the video game Horizon Zero Dawn walking around. In the game, these dinosaur robots move around and scope things out. When they notice the player, they alert other bots. Hence the name “Watcher.” They also happen to be one of the few bots in ...

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Transforming a Propane Tank into a VW Bus Inspired Fire Pit


Cars and trucks have come and gone, but there is perhaps no other vehicle as iconic as the Volkswagen Microbus. The bus has a distinct rounded look that journeyman sheet metal fabricator Greg McFarlane decided he could duplicate with a spent propane tank, along with some additional metal. He was inspired to make a fire pit after seeing a similar device on ...

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This Week in Making: Adam Savage’s Makerspace Tour, Duct Tape Prom Dresses, and More


Artisan’s Asylum Adam Savage recently took a tour of Artisan’s Asylum, a 40,000 square-foot, 400-member community fabrication center located just outside of Boston. The Asylum is entirely community run and funded, and features spaces for makers to build, share, and take classes. Five minutes into the tour, all I can think about is how much I wish a place like Artisan’s ...

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These Mechanical Rock Sculptures Are Suspended with Their Own Weight


Read articles from the magazine right here on Make:. Don’t have a subscription yet? Get one today. Artist Dan Grayber combines elements from industrial design and nature to create objects that seem to defy gravity. Suspended within glass domes, large rocks are held in place with metal scaffolding, or alternatively, lend the sculpture balance by hanging motionless from wires and ...

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Use Tent Poles for a Collapsible Demonstration Sign


Feature photos by Hep Svadja. Step shots by Paul Spinrad Read articles from the magazine right here on Make:. Don’t have a subscription yet? Get one today. Whether you’re in the demonstration or the counter-demonstration, you need a good sign. Here’s how to make a tall and tote-worthy double-sided sign from reusable and reused materials. 1. Punch holes With the box ...

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Build an LED Copter and Slingshot


Illustrations by Mike Gray Read articles from the magazine right here on Make:. Don’t have a subscription yet? Get one today. This two-part project not only lights up but also flies through the air! This post is an excerpt from Electricity for Young Makers: Fun and Easy Do-It-Yourself Projects. Find it at online and at all fine bookstores. Build the Launcher 1. ...

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These Interactive Cellphone Butterflies Come to Life When You Call Them


Photography by Michael Greensmith Read articles from the magazine right here on Make:. Don’t have a subscription yet? Get one today. Bugs are fascinating. So ubiquitous and industrious, and so necessary on a basic level. Electronics are sort of like that, too. So when British cellular network O2 commissioned London-based artist and geek collective Is This Good? to promote an ...

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