Maker Pro News: Data by the Kilobyte, Hearing Aid Hackers, and More


You’re reading our weekly Maker Pro Newsletter, which focuses on the impact of makers in business and technology. Our coverage includes hardware startups, new products, incubators, and innovators, along with technology and market trends. Subscribe today and never miss a post. “It eliminates the need for a doctor altogether.” – Teen hearing aid hacker Mukund Venkatakrishnan Connectivity Bedevils IoT, but Maker ...

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This Submarine Crib Looks Like it Could be Out of a Movie Set


After building a fantastic indoor fairy tree for his daughter, Rob Adams was asked to put his skills to use once again to build a submarine crib. After 90 hours of work and $1250 worth of materials, he has something fantastic that would look at home in any nautically-themed nursery. You can see his build pictures on imgur, or an ...

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Magnificent Motion at World Maker Faire New York


Get your Tickets Now World Maker Faire will soon have the New York Hall of Science overflowing with incredible sights and sounds. One of the most incredible Maker Faires to behold (remember, we have them all over the world!), this event is truly impressive. One of my favorite things at each Maker Faire are the items that put things in ...

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3D Print the Adafruit Circuit Playground Chess Set


In case you missed this Adafruit video and project from 2015 (I did), in it, the Ruiz brothers show you how they designed, 3D printed, polished, and assembled a gorgeous 3D chess set based on the characters in Adafruit’s Circuit Playground series. The chess set itself is really lovely, with a fun translation of the Circuit Playground characters into chess ...

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6 Things We’re Most Excited About at Chicago Southland Mini Maker Faire


The fourth year of Chicago Southland Mini Maker Faire is on August 19th from 10am – 5pm at the Pipefitter’s Local 597 Training Facility. Not only is this Faire being hosted in a special place, there are quite a few things that we’re really excited to see! Veterans Garage Veterans Garage will have several trucks at the event this year ...

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The Retro-Industrial Wonders of the Mold-A-Rama


When I was a little kid, I was obsessed with the Mold-A-Rama, the injection molding vending machine popular in the 1960s. For a quarter, you got to watch through the clear plastic dome as the machine made and dispensed a plastic souvenir. Gas stations, restaurants, and souvenir shops along I-95 had them. As my family traveled many summers to visit ...

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Maker Spotlight: Shujan Bertrand


Name: Shujan Bertrand What is your day job? While I’m a full-time mom, I’m also all of the jobs that are associated with running a company. So everything from CEO and Design Lead to messenger and intern. My children come with me to the studio-factory at least 3 times a week after school. The whole family is helping grow àplat. ...

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This Week in Making: Sony’s New Dev Board, Continuous Belt Printers, and More


The Spritzer Sony showcased a brand new development board called the Spritzer at Maker Faire Tokyo last weekend. Designed for IoT applications, the Spritzer comprises a range of smart functionality (such as integrated GPS and an advanced digital audio codec and amplifier). The Spritzer looks to be versatile, featuring a processing chip with a unique combination of low power consumption ...

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Weekend Watch: The Eclectic Projects of Andrew Setters


By day, Andrew Setters is an award-winning local reporter for WLWT in Cincinnati, OH. By night, he takes to his home shop to work on projects and to document them for his YouTube channel. Like many YouTube makers, Andrew does a lot of woodworking projects, things like pallet-wood and tchotchke shelves, wooden storage carts, and serving trays, but he’s not ...

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Should Your Project Have a Code of Conduct for Contributors? Yes


The topic of inclusiveness and conduct in regards to the maker, hacker, and tech community in general is complex to say the least. Not only is there the real-life side of workforce discrimination, there is also the fact that much of this community lives in the digital world, where our real selves are hidden behind internet personae. It’s the perfect ...

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