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Maker Faire Shenzhen’s Focus on Maker Pro, Education, and Large Scale Art


This year’s Maker Faire Shenzhen took place on November 11-13 at Shenzhen Polytechnic, and, just like in previous years, featured a variety of content that included exhibits, workshops, talks, and performances. At the same time, Maker Faire Shenzhen managed to add something new this year. Although some of those changes might have been baby steps, each one is worth celebrating and ...

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Pay Gaps in Sports Should Not be a Factor in 2016


Wake up it is 2016! Women are just as capable as men in doing the same job in the corporate, political and in the sports world. But the sobering fact is there is still a discrepancy in pay. A pew research poll in 2015 was quite disturbing regarding the perception people have towards women. Most Americans that were surveyed admitted ...

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'Little Women: LA' Star Christy Gibel Sues Doctors Over Alleged Botched Spinal Surgery


‘Little Women: LA’ Star Christy Gibel Sues M.D.s You Botched My Spinal Surgery 12/4/2017 12:55 PM PST EXCLUSIVE One of the stars of “Little Women: LA” is taking a bunch of doctors to court for a BIG payday … ’cause she claims they screwed up her neck in surgery. Christy Gibel just sued some M.D.s from a surgery center in ...

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When Wife Needed Kidney, He Walked For Miles Holding a Sign – and He Just Found a Donor


Wayne Winters and his wife had been waiting for two years to find a kidney donor that could save her from her stage five kidney failure, and Winters became tired of waiting for a miracle. Instead, he took to the streets of Farr West, Utah last month with a sandwich board sign reading: “Need Kidney 4 Wife”. Every day, he ...

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Affordable Luxury: Where to Eat in Rome


Dining two steps away from the Colosseum or raising your glass for a toast as you look out over the entire eternal city from the table of a three-starred restaurant? Not as unattainable as you might think if you follow our affordable luxury tips for eating out in Rome. Here are some recommendations to enjoy the best restaurants in Rome, ...

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Beyonce 'unlikely' to use burner email


Image copyright Getty Images Experts say it is “unlikely” that Beyonce changes her email address every week as claimed by singer Ed Sheeran. “I have an email address that I email – that actually changes every week,” he said during an interview about working with her on a duet. The reporter, from Entertainment Tonight, then suggested that Beyonce was good ...

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This Week in Making: AI Drone Pilot, Reimagined Frankenstein’s Monster, and More


AI Races Human Pilot For the past two years, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab has been developing the algorithms needed for a high-performance UAV to fly through the obstacles that are a part of drone races. To test whether or not they’ve succeeded at creating an AI that can fly as fast as a human pilot, they challenged Ken Loo, a ...

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Psychology Around the Net: December 2, 2017


Happy Saturday, Psych Central Readers! This week’s Psychology Around the Net covers the successes (more specifically, lack thereof) of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, how mental illness might be passed down from generation, the #speakthesecret campaign for postpartum women, and more. Enjoy! Health Insurers Are Still Skimping On Mental Health Coverage: Although it’s been almost a decade ...

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Supporting Christian Medical Missionaries Can Be Deeply Jewish


Each year, I receive a mailbox full of e-mails on Giving Tuesday from Jewish organizations that are worthy of support. Sometimes, I am even one of the people clogging your inbox – and I do hope that you’ll give. I am a big believer in Jewish philanthropy and supporting Jewish organizations at any level you are able to give. They ...

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7 Things People Who Are Bad With Money Do

3StopWorryingcreditShutterstockcom.jpg No one wants to be accused of being a bad money manager. Unfortunately, poor habits are far too easy to create. It is painfully simple to start living beyond your means. All it takes is an extra night out with your significant other each month, getting a membership at a nicer gym ...

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