4 Psychic Tools to Jumpstart Your Intuition

With shows out like Long Island Medium, Psychic Detectives and Hollywood Medium, many people are interested in learning to awaken their own intuitive abilities.  Some psychics believe this is a gift given to a select few, but this is simply untrue.  Psychic ability is a natural sixth sense we all have.  It’s a muscle that simply needs to be strengthened through practice.  Daily meditation is the best way to work out your intuitive muscle, but there are several psychic tools you can begin learning about today to help you access your own intuition. 

The greatest obstacle to awakening our intuition is our own self-doubt.  Utilizing tools to help you learn to work with your intuition will help you learn to trust your instincts.  There’s an old legend about the gods meeting to decide where they should hide the wisdom inherent in humans.  They were worried that humans would discover how much power they had and would never need the gods again, so they decided to hide it. One god wanted to hide it on top of a mountain, but the others argued that humans would climb to the top and discover the secrets of their greatness.  Another god wanted to hide it in the depth of the ocean.  Some suggested it should be buried in a cave.  Finally, one god said, “No.  We will hide it in the heart of man.  He will never look there.” 

When you learn to embrace your intuition and trust the still, small voice inside, you unlock the secrets of your soul.  As you embrace your intuition, you will start to feel more confident and empowered. By studying these tools, you will gradually strengthen your sixth sense and learn to be your own psychic.

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