The 5 Signs Angels Offer You

Angels are truly magnificent beings who are here to serve humankind. They love us with such ferocity it can be overwhelming at times. Why is that love overwhelming? It is untainted. In other words, unconditional. As humans we’ve become programmed that love has conditions. That in itself is another post for love is love and there are no conditions attached to love. Its energy is that pure and powerful. That is how the angels love us.

The very word angel means Messenger of God. Therefore, how could what they offer us be anything but pure? Their only mission is to serve. Serve whom? Humankind.

Angels understand we are busy, stressed, frazzled and yet crave peace and love. They understand that we yearn for that essence of being to not only infiltrate, but become a permanent way of life. They have listened to our pleas and offer many ways to show their love of us daily. The onus is back on us to open those gorgeous eyes and hearts to see and receive them. It is through those blessed moments of now that we realize all is possible and through that possibility begin to own our true divinity. Divinity? Absolutely. Each person walking the planet is divine; however as life goes, each person can get waylaid into more egoic thinking resulting in actions which can be rather unsavory.

That is why the angels interact daily; to remind us of our divinity. Read on to embrace the signs.

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