7 Steps Towards Bliss

For most people, happiness is becoming stranger than fiction. Americans are living in antagonistic times and a survey released by Harris Poll Survey of American Happiness found that less than half (34 percent) of Americans are happy. This was a progression from a 2016 poll which found the level of happiness sitting at 31 percent. John Gerzema, CEO of the Harris Poll, surmised in his interview with TIME, “Either people are becoming immune to the news, or there’s a promise of change for so many Americans that felt alienated.” The survey still doesn’t give us a warm feeling. When a nation is hovering at 34 percent in life satisfaction, it’s a red flag. People are continuously chasing happiness, but it’s fleeting. It’s like when you were a kid and you tried to capture butterflies in a meadow, the intention was noble, but the efforts were ineffective. Happiness is like this, it’s difficult to capture. Does this sound like you? Are you chasing happiness and getting nowhere? Set a positive intention today that you will choose happiness rather than merely pursuing it. Try our 7 steps in finding the bliss you were always meant to enjoy.

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