CBN Mexico Helps Victims of Double Disasters in Aftermath of Quake, Hurricane

Watch the video above from CBN Mexico serving the earthquake victims in the hardest hit areas there.

Mexican authorities report the death toll following an 8.1 magnitude earthquake last Thursday now stands at least at 95.

Oaxaca was the worst-hit state and is where the five other deaths were reported. Oaxaca Governor Alejandro Murat told a mexican television network that his state has 76 of those 95 deaths.

The other 19 deaths were in the states of Chiapas and Tabasco. Between the earthquake and Hurricane Katia, Mexico’s Foreign Rleations Department had to withdraw an offer of aid for Houston following Hurricane Harvey as the nation has to focus on it’s own recovery from two back-to-back natural disasters.

CBN Mexico and CBN’s International’s Disaster Relief team have been on the ground in Chicapa de Castro, Oaxaca, the heart of one of the areas with the most destruction and damage.

The team served at least 500 meals and volunteer nurses gave midical care and medication to those who needed it. They also gave special care and aid to the elderly.

CBN Mexico also reports at least 324 schools were damaged by the quake and many residents didn’t have power for three days. The disaster relief team prayed with the victims of the quake as they served them hot meals… and the staff said they also shared the love of Jesus with them.


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