Josh Brown Gets Ezekiel Elliott Treatment, Suspended 6 More Games by NFL

NFL’s Josh Brown

Gets Zeke Treatment

6 More Games for Domestic Abuse

9/8/2017 6:40 AM PDT

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Talk about timing … just days after Ezekiel Elliott had his 6-game suspension upheld, the NFL has circled back to Josh Brown – banning the admitted domestic abuser 6 more games.

The veteran kicker sat out 1 game in 2016 … after a lengthy investigation ultimately led to his release from the NY Giants

The big difference from Zeke — Brown has accepted his punishment, the NFL told Adam Schefter.

“We reopened the investigation based on new info … concluded there was a violation of our personal conduct policy and imposed 6-game suspension which he accepted without appeal,” the league said.

“Timing has nothing to do with Zeke … made no sense to hold this until Zeke was complete.”

Brown — who’s currently UNEMPLOYED — maintains that he never hit his wife … after being arrested in May 2015 on suspicion of domestic assault. Charges were never filed.

As for Elliott … the Dallas Cowboys superstar is hoping to hear from a U.S. District Court judge today in Texas. The RB — who is slated to play in Week 1 — is seeking a temporary restraining order so he can keep suiting up.

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