The Best Baby Names For Each Zodiac Sign

Where baby names are concerned, the choices can be overwhelming. Do you go with Liam or Lucas? Emma or Olivia? Do you go with something traditional, or make up something new and unusual?

And what if you get it wrong?

Fortunately, when it comes to names, there is no right or wrong—although this is precisely what makes choosing a moniker for your child so difficult.

So why not enlist a little help from the stars above? After all, who wouldn’t want a heavenly name for their child?

The twelve signs of the zodiac correspond to different sections of the starry sky that fall roughly along the path of the sun. Each of the signs corresponds to a different date range, and those born within each range are inextricably linked to their sign.

Astrologists divine the fortunes and personalities of others using these signs, and many people—even in our modern world of empirical facts—turn to this for guidance and wisdom concerning their lives and fates.

One area in which some people look to astrology for help is in choosing a name for their children. Whether you want to give your children names that keep them in tune with their place in the universe, or if you simply want to make the process of name-choosing a little more exciting, turning to astrology for help can help simplify things.

To help get you started, let’s take a look at a few of the best baby names for each of the zodiac signs.

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