How good vibrations can make you healthier–and happier

If there is a conflict with someone, and you want to help the other party, a spiritual counselor suggests looking inside  yourself first. Keep your thoughts clean and send pure feelings to the other person, and the purity of the energy will do its work.

This is just one of the many exercises taught at the series of vibrational alignment workshops conducted by healer and naturopath Rashmi Tolentino Singh.

Vibrational alignment is based on quantum physics, which believes that everything in the universe is pure energy.  From objects to thoughts, they all operate on  vibrational waves or frequency. Our thoughts are the most powerful vibrations that permeate space and time. When pure thoughts synchronize with intentions, the result is harmony.

“Vibrational alignment healing makes us aware that we are responsible for where we are now. Thus, we have the power to change and to heal ourselves. We don’t have to depend on something else,” says Rashmi.

Law of the universe

“One gets ill, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, due to misalignment. If there is harmony within the self, the better it is to experience the Law of Attraction, which is also the Law of the Universe.”

Rashmi says awakening the inner child, the wellspring of creativity and freedom, is an important step in realigning the self.

“The child is part of the subconscious mind. It is the source of joy. Let it wave the magic wand, give cosmic order, and watch what happens.  Be innocent like a child. Say,  ‘I want to be happy,’ not the double negative of ‘I don’t want to be unhappy.’ The Universe responds to the former,” she says.

Focus of energy is essential in making visions reality. This means not allowing other contrary thoughts, impatience and attitude to upset the vibrations.

“The Universe understands feelings, not words. That’s where truth lies. We have become masters of alibis and deceit,” she says.

For instance, people may claim to want to lose weight for health reasons, but will always find reasons, excuses or self-defeating attitudes that prevent them.

“Your desire must be determined and consistent with your goal,” she says.

On money, Rashmi points out that people underestimate money as energy. “They shrug it off as  ‘It’s only money.’ We have to be respectful toward it.”

The workshop underscores the importance of self-development as the key to vibrational alignment.

“If somebody bumps us and we get hurt, then we are to blame. Either we weren’t alert or we took sorrow,” she says. “Taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions means freedom. I can change my story, if I take responsibility.”

The workshop espouses forgiveness and letting go as part of that freedom. “If someone or an event has caused us pain or resentment, let it go. Bring that person or event to your mind, be grateful for the lessons learned and be on your highest goodness. Changing your vibrations from anger to compassion leads to harmony,” says Rashmi.

Meridian tapping

The workshop is complemented by meridian tapping techniques and a vegan diet.  Meridian tapping techniques involve fingers touching energy points to release toxic emotions that lead to ailments.

Then there’s plant-based diet that also affects the mind. “The vibrations of the food affect your vibrations. Since we are subtle beings of energy, we should eat subtle foods,” explains Rashmi.  She avoids dairy products since cows are fed with hormones and sometimes raised in uncomfortable conditions.

Her husband, Ravi, also a naturopath, adds that cooks pass their energies onto the food, which consequently can have an effect on other people’s minds. “People must be clean and compassionate while cooking, since food is sensitive to their vibrations,” he says.

To complement their practice, Ravi developed a line of vegan foods using certified organic coconut cream or gata. The brand Niyog includes yogurt made of coconut cream, chocolate mousse with organic tablea, coconut cream yogurt lassi, vegetable curries and vegan cakes, sans egg and butter.

“Coconut cream doesn’t have starch and sugar  but lauric acid, healthy saturated fat that is easily absorbed by the body,” he says.

“Milk tends to produce mucous. When that is in excess, people easily catch cold or have other kinds of reactions. Coconut cream is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant,” he says.

“If you practice blessing the food, invoking your divinity and eating with  love, then you get nourishment. Without these pure vibrations, the food is nothing.”

Vibrational alignment workshops will be held on Sept. 14, 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., andsucceeding Wednesdays and half day on Saturdays, at 3779 Mascardo Street, Makati. Call   0915-1483956 or 0929-7796572.

E-mail rakendra @rakendra. or rakendracentre

Niyog is available at the Legazpi Sunday Market and SM Aura weekend market.

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