Most in former Yugoslavia favor multicultural society, although some tensions remain


The former Yugoslavia spent much of the 1990s in turmoil, with a series of wars taking place amid the country’s breakup into its present-day states – each of which has a distinct ethnic and religious makeup. But a new Pew Research Center survey conducted in the three largest former Yugoslav republics finds that, in general, most people in Bosnia, Croatia ...

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Bitcoin hits $2,000 trading high point


Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Bitcoin’s value has fluctuated sharply over the last four years The value of Bitcoin has hit a new high with each individual coin now worth more than $2,100 (£1,615). The valuation caps a strong month for the virtual currency, with its value growing by more than 65% in a month. The steady rise in ...

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Woman Births Twins as Surrogate for Sister Who Had 9 Miscarriages


Melissa Kayser was heartbroken when she was forced to realize that she couldn’t give birth – but luckily, her compassionate older sister volunteered to be her surrogate and bear her child. The 33-year-old had endured nine miscarriages over the course of three years in her efforts to have children. After undergoing failed fertility treatments, doctors told her to find a surrogate. That’s when Melissa’s 35-year-old ...

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Making Sense of the Hard Times: Situational Depression vs. Clinical Depression


If your teen is experiencing depression, it is likely the first time they have dealt with the overwhelming sensations that come with both situational and clinical depression. One of the ways you can help your child is by helping them recognize the difference between situational depression and clinical depression and understand their form of depression, as the treatment for these ...

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Current Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Claims a Second Term


TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s moderate President Hassan Rouhani trounced a hard-line challenger to secure re-election Saturday, saying his country seeks peace and friendship as it pursues a “path of coexistence and interaction with the world.” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani attends a televised speech after he won the election, in Tehran, Iran, Saturday, May 20, 2017. Rouhani says that the ...

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Switzerland votes in favour of ban on new nuclear plants


Switzerland has voted to follow Germany and start exiting nuclear power as part of a revised energy strategy which will also cut consumption and increase wind and solar power generation. Some 58.2 per cent of voters in a referendum on Sunday backed a ban on new nuclear plants, according to final results. The affluent Alpine state’s five existing nuclear plants ...

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Dog Finds Missing Cat Hiding In the Floor 2 Months After House Fire


Christine Marr had become resigned to the fact that her cat Ringer probably perished in the family’s house fire two months ago – but thanks to her dog’s keen sense of smell, she learned that the cat had some of his nine lives left. Christine and her husband took their dog Chloe to visit the remains of the charred home on ...

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Saudi king expected to present unified front with Trump, strongly condemn terrorism in the name of Islam


Saudi Arabia’s King Salman presents President Trump with the collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud Medal in Riyadh on Saturday. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters) President Trump and King Salman of Saudi Arabia will present a unified front in the global war against terrorism Sunday, praising Islam as a religion of peace and casting the fight against terrorism as one of all faiths and ...

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2017 Sony World Photography Awards | Gallery


Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Sony World Photography Awards organised by the World Photography Organization, is one of the world’s leading photography competitions: in 2017, the contest received more than 227,000 images of photographers from 183 countries. Scott Gray, CEO of the World Photography Organisation, has commented: “I am especially proud of this year’s selection of Photographer of the Year. ...

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Justin Theroux Sues NYC Neighbor in Home Makeover War


Justin Theroux Neighbor From Hell’s Bullying Us Over Home Renovations 5/19/2017 1:56 PM PDT EXCLUSIVE May 20, 11:30 PT — Justin’s neighbor, Norman Resnicow, tells TMZ … “I have acted for one purpose only, which remains to assure my and my wife’s health and safety. Smart people can work [this] out and both my wife and I and Justin are ...

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