US shale industry hunts in Asia for new oil buyers


The US shale oil industry’s first battle with Opec was on American soil, as a boom in domestic crude production prompted cartel members such as Saudi Arabia to seek new buyers in Asia. Now, as the world’s oil traders descend upon Singapore for an annual industry jamboree, all eyes are again on US producers as they come chasing Opec’s prized ...

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Quick Tip: Make a Guitar Practice Amp for Under $35


Make: contributor I-Wei Huang (he of Crabfu Steamworks and Skylanders fame) sent us this cool little hack which allows you to turn an inexpensive plug-in guitar headphone amp and a vibration speaker into a practice amp. I-Wei plugged his VOX AP2AC amPlug AC30 G2 guitar headphone amp into his acoustic guitar. Then he plugged an XDREAM X-Vibe vibration speaker into ...

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6 Unshakeable Promises for Anxious Souls

StressFreeWomancreditshutterstockcom.jpgas1 While God calls us every single day to not be afraid, to simply trust Him in everything can be difficult. The Christian life is a constant battle between fear and trust; anxiety and trust, and doubt and confidence. Worrying can be harmful not only to our emotional health, but also to our physical health. Excessive ...

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Seven Grüner Veltliner Wines to Try


To this day, I am baffled every time I need to explain that “yes, Austria is a wine country”. Not only does Austria make wine but it is, in my opinion, one of the leading wine countries on the planet when it comes to high-quality wines. The road to success was not easy for Austria. In the mid-1980’s after the ...

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Nikki Haley said ‘everyone’ at the U.N. was talking about Burma. Everyone but Trump.


President Trump speaks to world leaders at the 72nd United Nations General Assembly in New York on Sept. 19, 2017. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) NEW YORK — U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley was ticking through a list of the major topics at the United Nations General Assembly here this week when she got to the one “everyone had to talk ...

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Once Bullied For Her Love Of Bugs, 8-Year-old Co-Authors Scientific Paper


8-year-old girls are not often encouraged to play with bugs and insects, yet Sophia Spencer has become an entomological prodigy—and a role model for other girls interested in biology. The youngster had been teased for how much she loved bugs. Whenever she was seen playing with grasshoppers, the other second graders at her elementary school would call her weird. “She ...

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Kevin Hart's Sex Tape Partner Montia Sabbag Says She's a Victim, is Going to Cops


Kevin Hart Sex Tape Partner Says I’m Not an Extortionist!!! 9/20/2017 9:12 AM PDT The woman who ended up on the extortion sex video with Kevin Hart says she’s a crime victim herself and she’s going to cops. Montia Sabbag joined her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, for a news conference just a few minutes ago and acknowledged she had “an intimate ...

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Maker Spotlight: Elizabeth Kruger


Name: Elizabeth Kruger Home: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Facebook | Instagram How did you get started making? I attended an anime convention, Anime Milwaukee, in 2013, and was inspired by all the amazing outfits on display. I used the ensuing year to learn a little (very little) about sewing, which I’d never tried before, and wore my first cosplay at Anime Milwaukee ...

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New Cantonese Cuisine in Hong Kong


The extraordinarily wide and wonderful world of Chinese cuisine has rarely been held in such high global esteem by diners and chefs alike. Ferran Adria told a World’s 50 Best seminar that “It’s China, in particular, that excites me with its millennial gastronomic tradition, its minute attention to the health value of each dish”, while Dan Barber has argued that ...

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Nest reveals alarm system and smart doorbell


Image copyright Nest Image caption Nest’s home security system is more expensive than several rivals Nest is expanding its range of smart home products, ending a lull in which it improved existing kit, but did not expand into fresh categories. The items include an internet-connected intruder alarm, a video-streaming doorbell and a door lock system developed in collaboration with Yale. ...

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