S Korea bans anonymous cryptocurrency trades


Image copyright Getty Images Image caption South Korea is believed to be the third-biggest market in the world for Bitcoin trades, behind Japan and the US. South Korea is banning the use of anonymous bank accounts to make cryptocurrency transactions. The move is aimed at stopping virtual currencies being used for crimes such as money laundering. The regulations will bring ...

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Paul Bocuse, The Legendary Chef


Paul Bocuse was one of the few chefs whose name everyone knows. The so-called “Monsieur Paul” or Mr Paul represented “simplicity and generosity, excellence and the art of living”, tweeted Gérard Collomb, Minister of the Interior and former Mayor of Lyon upon the news of his passing. But what was it that made Paul Bocuse so much more? Why did the ...

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China's Shift to a Two-Child Policy Disappoints as Birthrate Drops


The birthrate in China fell last year despite the country changing its one-child policy.   In 2015, the country began allowing couples to have two children in an effort to increase the size of the younger population who will eventually have to support their elders.   China’s one-child policy was originally enforced in 1979, with fines and in some cases ...

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Gas from Russian Arctic to warm homes in Boston


Gregory Meyer and Ed Crooks in New York and David Sheppard and Andrew Ward in London January 22, 2018 A tanker was crossing the Atlantic on Sunday to warm New England households with natural gas whose sources are thought to include a project in the Russian Arctic under US sanctions.  The US has never before imported LNG from Russia, according to ...

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Taipei, a Tasting Tour with Richie Lin


Not much has been said about Taipei’s dining scene until recently. As Taiwanese chefs and restaurants begin to win awards, beginning with Lanshu Chen of Le Moût as Veuve Clicquot Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2014 and then her joint entry on Asia’s 50 Best 2017 together with Mume and RAW, the world is beginning to sit up and take ...

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Too Short Sued for Sexual Battery


Too Short Sued for Multiple Sexual Batteries 1/19/2018 4:43 PM PST EXCLUSIVE Too Short is being accused of sexual battery … TMZ has learned. The rap legend is facing a lawsuit … filed Friday in Los Angeles by a woman named Teana Louis. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Teana says Too Short sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions … ...

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How to Cope When the Anxious Child Has a Meltdown


When our children exhibit disruptive behavior and appear to be out of control, we can feel helpless and sometimes hopeless. When we realize that their actions are no longer isolated events but have become part of a distressing routine, our mind may come up with myriad of solutions. When our children have anxiety and we know that this a contributing ...

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Net firms 'better' at removing hate speech, says EU


Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The firms have improved since the scheme was introduced in 2016 Net firms are getting better at removing illegal hate speech, according to the European Union. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft all took place in a voluntary EU scheme to monitor their platforms for a six-week period at the end of 2017. On average ...

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VP Pence Says US Stands ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ with Egypt


CAIRO (AP) — Vice President Mike Pence and Egyptian leader Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi pledged a united front against terrorism in the Mideast as Pence, the highest-level American official to visit the U.S. ally in nearly a decade, began a trip through the region after leaving behind a government shutdown in Washington. Pence and el-Sissi held 2½ hours of talks at the ...

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Your Autistic Teen and Family Holiday Gatherings


Little kids with autism grow to be teens with autism. As is true with all adolescents, pressures both inside their bodies and in the social world can make them sometimes be irritable and reactive. Parents who live with them adapt and adopt new strategies for supporting their children over time. Relatives who see the kids intermittently often aren’t prepared for ...

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